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I’m not getting any LJ notifications. This sucks ;_; Sorry if I don’t seem to reply, that’s why.

Typing this is killing me, as this idiot sprained her thumb badly yesterday. It’s twice the size of my left one ;_; I stupidly didn’t realise the bus would break so sharply when waiting to get off, and went flying and smacked my whole hand on the doors. I scared a granny with my profanity XD Not stopping me from trying to colour as I’m determined to finish my R!BB WIP, and extra picture I may have drawn >_> But ouch it really hurts ;_;

[livejournal.com profile] rei17  has started to post the chapters for the Big Bang fic I illustrated by the way, it’s over here and its blumming smashing and I love it. GO READ *stern face* 

Sad part of this post is...I think I may be falling out of love with Inception. HELP! Don’t know if it’s because I’m letting my insecurities and being a little scared to talk to people is stopping me from jumping into fun posts (and Twitter and MSM and AIM, and god I’m such a puss), or that I’m just so tired. I hope its just because I’m tired as I still want to draw so much for it.

I may go and draw Arthur and Eames with guns, fine suits and bad assed fuckery, because BAMF-y kicking back and taking names is what I love most in the world ♥

Though it’s my mums birthday today so won’t be home till tonight. Flees to wrap her present.
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So tired *stop* Hate new job I won’t be paid for *stop* Nobody told me I’d be handling cash and loans out right, what is maths? *stop* HATETIREDGRUMPY *stop* I don't want to do this for another 4 weeks, i'm too shy to serve people who are cranky and want their money NOW, but I can't get out of it D:

And regarding Being Human aka best Brit series on the telly since Life on Mars.

*erm spoilers for anyone who watches it*

MITCHELL!!!!OMG ;___________; *sobs* It’s because he’ll be in the Hobbit isn’t it? The scene between George and Mitchell was so powerful and emotional, they broke my heart, the bastards ;_;

To cheer myself up before I have to go to bed, have some art. 

I drew this for [livejournal.com profile] knowmydark's fic  Moment of Inertia. Decided such a serious fic would get a serious more realistic style. This is influenced by David Mack’s art as I’ve been reading Kabuki: Metamorphosis again ♥

A moment of despair )
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1. Found out I start the unpaid job on Monday D: I’m so nervous my heart feels like it will leap out my chest like an alien chestburster and then dance a jig on the table. I just hope the people are nice and will let me off if I mess up too much. Good thing is I get weekends off, so can't grumble about that. But 4 weeks of working hard and getting no money sucks so very, very much.

2. Just realised [livejournal.com profile] cobweb_diamond  is writing serial killer fic over here ♥ How did I miss that? Why does no one ever tell me this stuff because that’s right up my street. Though it makes me laugh as most of what I draw involves being hurt, blood and guns. I’m such a nice person I really do worry about what that says about me. Eep!

3. Wanted to ask if people have any fic recs they can throw at me? Seems I’ve missed out on a lot while I was away. So throw anything you’ve liked in my direction and it will be much appreciated and gobbled up.

4. I also need a good old kick up the arse as I’ve hit an artist block again, and it’s depressing as there is so much I want to do. I just want to draw as time is so short with the job looming, and I have so many ideas in my head. As well as fandom stuff i'm wanting to do some children's book illustrations, and some game concept designs. Figured it's about time I stopped being a coward and tried to follow my dreams. Just need to get the above job done and dusted.

Sleeps on keys zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz If i'm tired now next week i'll be the living dead ;_;
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This guy is completely nicked from the Demon Eames AU that [info]butterflythread has been writing, and [info]platina drawing. Definitely go stalk their journals for more from the universe because it's amazing, hot and Eames as a Demon shouldn't be so sexy, but of course he is ;D

Thanks for letting me doodle around in your AU guys ♥ (And shhhsh I know elliot is a bit too big :P)


He's a soul man )
I'm annoyed with myself. I always want to draw sexy times or snapshots of scenes from fanfics, but I go and ponce around drawing stuff like this. Why do I always draw bloody cover style art and not normal stuff like snogging, shagging on a rug, blowing shit up and shagging, Arthur and Eames sharing a sarnie and shagging ect? ;P 
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Because I’m a bit bored and hey it’s a good excuse to tidy my poor bag out, have a meme of what crap I have in it. Took out all the screwed up shopping lists and bus tickets.

My little hobo/satchel type bag come TARDIS. Yes those are a little TARDIS and Prefect badges on it XD YES I’M A GEEK XD

I'm amazed I never broke my back carrying this lot )
And I have Twitter; just shyly lurking right now, as I never have a clue what to say, yes I’m THAT boring. But if you’d like to add me I’m lu_be_loo Do you reckon people would mind if I friended them on there if we’re not mates on LJ? Just asking as I’m a bit of a fandom shy girl and wonder if people would be okay with that.
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I’M ALIVE!!!!!! Sorry I’ve been away guys. I’ve been horribly sick, my fault for thinking I was okay and just getting on with things as normal till I passed out. I’m fine now, but taking things slowly.

Also, been stressed as I’m being forced to do a job I’ll have for 4 weeks, full hours, NO PAY. STUPID SODDING JOB CENTER X_X Have to help sell people on benefits loans. I HATE PHONES, I HATE LOAN COMPANIES, ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!!! To add insult to injury I don’t think they cover my transport either, so I’ll have the awesome sum of £30 a week to live on after paying for that. I have bills, so I’m very worried about living on such a low sum. My mum said she can help, but she's a pensioner so I feel absolutely awful about that as I’m meant to be the one helping her ;_; Also means hardly any art from me *sigh* People will forget me I know it XD A month gone is internet death nowadays.

And this would have to happen in the middle of the R!BB *sobs* My life sucks so much right now.

And now to reply to emails and messages *eeeek* Hope I haven't missed too much?
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Title: House of Paper
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] loobeeinthesky 
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Eames, Arthur and Ariadne.
Summary:  "Getting dragged in by the FBI is not exactly the way Eames had planned on spending the weekend. He's even less amused when it turns out that Arthur's the reason for it. However, he had never been able to say no to this particular pair of doe eyes. And with the mind of a psychopathic serial killer as the playground and the FBI breathing down their necks Arthur and Ariadne really need all the help they can get ..."

EDIT: The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] rei17  has finally started to post the story so head on over to this link here ♥


More under this cut )
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 Not been too well these past days as I have migraine and I keep being sick, have to do my best impression of a mushroom and lay around in the dark. Though I started on some extra R!BB art. Okay, it's just Arthur for now, but I’m working on it. Might not be much art to share for a while though, so don't forget me ;_;

This may sound daft, okay it is daft. However, I’ve been talking to some people about art colabs and such. And the general idea I’ve collected is that sometimes writers are a bit nervous to ask us artist to draw for them. That sometimes they won’t ask because if they think you're good (pfffft where? Slow and lazy, yes XD)  they would feel rude. Probably can’t talk for the other artists, because that would be rude, but I know for one I’d love to work with some writers in the future. I’m having fantastic fun listening to the guys doing my R!BB, they have such cool ideas and it’s wonderful to see something brought to life. And I've enjoyed doing my BB immensely. So never feel shy, okay. I think when I finish all the things I have to do, I’ll get round to drawing more for the writers I love.

I’m a still a little down in the dumps because I’m convinced I’m the most boring person in fandom right now *sighs* I’ve been in fandom for how long? And I still don’t know people very well D: Maybe because I’m shy on Twitter and the like, but I’m also thinking of deleting that and my Deviant Art of late. If you can’t see things, you can’t feel lonely, is my motto in life.

Goes back to being ill in the dark. I feel like a Mogwai right now, argh bright light :D
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So excited to be working with [livejournal.com profile] butterflythread and [livejournal.com profile] darjeelinger on my R!BB art now. Their ideas are well wicked. I feel so spoiled.

EDIT: Just found out I have 4 claims for my art now and I better get my lazy arse in contact with the guys later. Kinda stressed though as I didn’t realise there would be second claims *doh* I had intended to do extra art but don’t know if I’ll be able to now. :/ I'll see what I can do.  So flattered people like my stuff though *blushes*

And talking of spoiled [livejournal.com profile] rei17 and I hope to be posting the Big Bang on the 25th (I think) Rei’s been so busy finishing the story so I have my fingers crossed for her, and I’m sure we can all cheer her on to finish. You can do it hun ♥ She’s been SO wonderful to work with.

My kisskissbangbang pic got a lovely comment on DA

nice guns but why the kissing???????????
whys nots just the gun?

I would think the title said it all luv LOL. So tempted to do full on porn piece (that I’m so rubbish at drawing) in retaliation and go ”There’s your gun…oh you meant the other kind” just to be cheeky XD

Have to admit I may have burned myself out with all the Big Bang drawing of late. So many ideas and another fest to draw for, but my drawings are turning out so crap. May take a break from it for a bit to rest my poor old brain.

And like everyone and their mum I saw Tom Hardy on Chattyman last night. Woke my mum up laughing. BUT COULD HE BE ANYMORE ADORABLE. AND SUCH A SWEETHEART ♥  As if I didn't love him enough already, he stole my heart with his "I'm a sweetheart, I just want people to love me" comment. Me too Tom, me too ♥

I’m so behind still on reading the Big Bangs oh god so many cool ones to read. Dies! So little time and so much stuff to do. I'm sooo tired ;_;


Feb. 20th, 2011 05:57 pm
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Well it’s obvious by now that the Reverse Big Bang is up and I‘m in awe as they are so many amazing drawings posted. REALLY go LOOK! ♥ I’d say guess who I am, but I think that’s like saying look for a neon sign in the dark. Seriously, cannot wait to see what is written from all those ideas ♥ I can say whoever I get I’ll be mega happy with, because it’s so rare I get fic written for me that it makes me immensely happy to know I’ve inspired someone.

And to my fellow artists. GUYS YOU BLOODY ROCK!!!! SERIOUSLY. WOW!! ♥♥♥

I may have played too much Red Dead Redemption of late, as I have cowboys on the brain. It’s just fantastic ♥ It’s the game that makes me want to try SO hard to one day work as a Game concept designer. I’d be happy if I could even texture a rabbit on something this lovingly made. Have to say I’m a bit rubbish though. I have a lovely horse I caught and i'm so fond of him that I feel so bad when he dies I reset X_x That’s not how to play games woman.

I’m so tired right now. My neighbours have started being noisy again and I haven’t slept properly for 4 days. If I forget to answer or my replies make no sense you know why XD


EDIT: I'm so bloody rude. I forgot to say a massive thank you to the guys who did the art beta for me. You guys helped me so much, so THANK YOU ♥
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I know this was meant to be for the Reverse BB, but I truly don't like how it turned out, so i'm posting it here now. Sorry for letting down those who wanted to see it in the R!BB *grovels* I'm sure i'll come up with something cooler, sexier or heartbreaking *grins evily*

Just bloody RUN! )

PS Is there any way you can load a big-ish picture to Photobucket without it shrinking it? It's about 1225 pixles in width, but PB keeps knocking it about 1150 now and it blurs it badly.  Thank you Bunnie ♥, i
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[Poll #1672345]

And this will be the last time I bore you with this I promise. I just need help on what to start on so I can draw it up and then go on to draw sexy cat burglars XD

Plus, even if I don’t do some I will have ideas of what to draw when I get a spare moment.

OMG Juice box fic is finished! *glee* I’m saving it all to read again tonight (if that’s okay with a certain someone :D) So many fics so little time D:

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Sorry about this being inane prattling, I’m trying to take my mind off waking up with a black eye X_X I have no idea how that happened, fighting with myself in my sleep maybe????

I think I have a very weird problem. I find it very hard to read fics over 3,000 on my computer, my attention seems to wander off mid fic even if it’s amazing and I’m caught up in it. I hate it because there are so many WIP's I want to catch up with (cobweb-diamond and skellerbvvt's mostly) AND I’M STILL ON EARLY CHAPTERS ;_; WHY SO SLOW LUCY? X_X I can only read long fics now when I put them on my Kindle to read. It’s such a strange problem and I wish I could fix it. Just dreading the BB postings as I’ll be forever reading them all XD But ohhhh [livejournal.com profile] slanted_edges  art is up today I think ♥♥♥

[livejournal.com profile] cherrybina  has an Arthur and Eames ass worship fest that you REALLY need to check out, there's some amazing fics posted (slowly making my way through them)

Note to self 1: Do not watch Ghost Adventures at 2am when you live in a very creaky house.

I also wish I could draw porn like most people can or hell even just groping or have my guys looking sexy and half naked, I never do that. Why can't I draw that? ;_; *sigh* I really fail so much. Though sorry if you don’t see much art posted here lately, I seem to be on a bit of a signing up for fest’s rampage, so I can’t show what I’m up to till they get posted. I’ve got [livejournal.com profile] i_reversebang  AND now I’m all over the Harlequin Challenge at [livejournal.com profile] harlequincepted 

Note to self 2: Please stop missing out words or letters when you’re writing comments to people, you look silly.


Jan. 17th, 2011 04:07 pm
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I’m putting myself on hiatus again, I don’t know how long for. It’s just I’ve lost my ability to draw, or at least draw well. Everything is coming out looking like utter shit, it’s as if any ability I had has just gone and I’m in such a mood I want to cry over it. The last time this happened, I stopped drawing for 4 years.

Therefore, I am going into hiatus until I can fix this. This probably means I won’t be doing the Reverse Big bang which is perhaps a good thing as I have no ideas anyway. I was excited to do it because it’s rare I can come up with an idea that all fandom can get behind and people go on to create it. But I’m a shit artist (or at least I am right now) and this not being able to create mood is breaking my heart and making me no fun and it's not fair to hang around if I'm depressed.

Hopefully see you all soon.
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I caved and signed on X_X And I still don't know what to draw LOL May end up doing 2 drawings because of that.


Come and join [livejournal.com profile] i_reversebang.
A challenge where artists make art that writers then claim and write a story for.

Explanation and Rules
Sign Up: Artist | Author | Beta


I appear to have been Incepted into drawing some BB! Eames and Arthur, so i'll get my lazy bum into doing that once my Big bang is done ;D Lydia's picture and the stories linked by Bina are too much for me *dies* You're all secretly Cobb aren't you? *squints*

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I am really rather stuck on what to draw for a certain art fest and I’d like to nab some ideas. Sadly no polls as I’m horrible at thinking up cool scenarios, so can I pick your brains please XD

Stole this blatantly off [livejournal.com profile] slanted_edges 


Prompts can be absolutely anything – though I’m asking for Inception based as I’m still very much in love with drawing the guys (and ladies) and the com is an Inception one. You prompt and I will ponder over them. Some examples ideas I’ve had are...(Don't laugh :D)

-Mafia AU!
- I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds, where there was a killer who had so many identities and disguises to maintain, it fractured his mind. This caused him to breakdown and fragment into not knowing who he is or was. I thought that was fantastic premise for Eames losing control of his forgeries.
- Steampunk or Victorian AU
- British boarding school AU (Been playing too much of Bully lately D:)
- 70’s cop shows AU. Life on Mars, The Professionals, Starsky and Hutch style ♥
- Inception Deathrace 2000/ Death Proof type drawing. Eames and Arthur racing across a post-apocalyptic landscape, fighting the mean fight, driving on the wrong side of the road in a fucking mean car.
- Post apocalyptic art. Had the idea of Arthur escorting Eames through the remains of what was once the US. Everything is eaten up by fever and a strange decay. AKA bloody angst central. 

I think I have a case of too many ideas, not enough focus and i'm just so stuck. 

If i'm late to reply, sorry, I just have to go into town for a bit D:

I have one Big Bang pic to go and I’m done *passes out* EAMES WILL YOU START LOOKING LIKE YOURSELF, YOU SOD!!!
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I'm seriously trying to distract myself right now with ANYTHING, because my neighbours TV is so loud I want to run round and throw the bloody thing at them D: 

 If anyone has a handy guide to surviving the kink meme, I would love to hear it? Every time I go to read fic, there are far too many and I can’t keep up ;_; I must be the only person in inception fandom who doesn’t go on it much and I must be missing out on tons of great fic  ;_;

I think I'm also the only person who hasn’t read the Chav!Eames fic yet. I admit I was put off the by the CHAV bit, due to my village being chav central they kind of scare me X_X I feel so bad for having that outlook. It just grates when you can’t even stand at the bus stop without a 13 year old asking you for sex or calling you every name under the sun. I’m as working class as they are so they can get lost with that attitude. Going to suck it up and read it though because I heard it's awesome. 

Talking about awesome fics please have a look at Moment of Inertia by [info]knowmydark ;D It's a VERY dark fic and will make you heart ache, it's brutal and gorgeous and goes into what it is to really play with someones mind. I have no words eloquent enough to sum it up really.  God I want to draw for it, but damn it makes me feel inadequate because it's so beautiful and tragic and my arts all 'yay colours and rainbows' *laughs*

And, if you haven't seen it please see my crit post, you can reply anon!!!!

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I pinched this of  the lovely [livejournal.com profile] platina and [info]paperflower86.  I'm on a quest to improve myself, and before I have to go into the dark scary woods to tame wolves and fight Princes, it starts here XD So I would like to ask you buggers dear people these questions ;) Seriously though I would love some crit and don't be shy as it's just me, you know I'll listen and I don't bite, my tame wolves may though.

1- What do you like about my art? And why?
2- What do you dislike about my art? And why?
3- What should I improve on?
4- What would you like to see me draw more?

Please keep your critique constructive and please don't be shy to comment even if you aren't an artist. Comments are screened and anon comments are fine too.

Cheers me dears ♥
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First they give me cowboys now this. Rockstar I LOVE YOU ♥

I’m off to bed now to play Assassins Creed, because I need to get over the hell that my BB has become. I want to do something really cool and interesting but I’m fighting an art block and I’ve spent 2 hours staring at my art pad *cries*And my 'pretend boyfriends' picture has turned into 'worst date ever' one instead,  arghhh my mind, I don't know what to draw for that now?

 I need to go stab people in a fictional environment instead of RL lol XD I may go draw Arthur and Eames diving off a rooftop as inspiration XD
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Feeling very hungover and a bit down because the New Years made me realise how lonely I am. I miss my friends so badly, it sucks having to say Happy New Year by text. So I’m having resolutions to sort myself out good and proper *nods*

1) To find the perfect job and stop being such a coward. I’ve been unemployed for ages and it’s really getting me down. I feel locked away, closed off and unable to do the things I’d love to do. So I’m going to swallow my fears and go for job’s I’ve been avoiding because I worry I’m not good enough and I’ve been too scared to move from home. BBC art department here I come.

2) To not hate my art so much and to see the good in it. And to not be so slow and draw more for peoples stories ♥

3) To be more happy, because I have to admit I haven’t been happy much this year. Things have just gone so wrong for me that I wonder if I did something crappy in my last life lol But to face all that with a smile is always my plan ;)

4) To see my friends more often as I miss them so much. Plus, there are some online friends I miss dearly and it always makes me sad that you meet people and become great mates but they don’t stay and nor do you. So I hope to not feel so lonely because I have to admit i'm not so good at getting to know people.

5) To not be so shy and actually talk more to the people I like. I feel I come across as very standoffish sometimes, when really I’m just a bit shy. And, to not feel so down and dejected when people don’t want to know me. To pretty much not let my soft heart get the better of me.

If I stick to those it’ll be a flipping awesome New Year.


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