Mar. 20th, 2011

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I’m not getting any LJ notifications. This sucks ;_; Sorry if I don’t seem to reply, that’s why.

Typing this is killing me, as this idiot sprained her thumb badly yesterday. It’s twice the size of my left one ;_; I stupidly didn’t realise the bus would break so sharply when waiting to get off, and went flying and smacked my whole hand on the doors. I scared a granny with my profanity XD Not stopping me from trying to colour as I’m determined to finish my R!BB WIP, and extra picture I may have drawn >_> But ouch it really hurts ;_;

[ profile] rei17  has started to post the chapters for the Big Bang fic I illustrated by the way, it’s over here and its blumming smashing and I love it. GO READ *stern face* 

Sad part of this post is...I think I may be falling out of love with Inception. HELP! Don’t know if it’s because I’m letting my insecurities and being a little scared to talk to people is stopping me from jumping into fun posts (and Twitter and MSM and AIM, and god I’m such a puss), or that I’m just so tired. I hope its just because I’m tired as I still want to draw so much for it.

I may go and draw Arthur and Eames with guns, fine suits and bad assed fuckery, because BAMF-y kicking back and taking names is what I love most in the world ♥

Though it’s my mums birthday today so won’t be home till tonight. Flees to wrap her present.


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