Mar. 4th, 2011

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I’M ALIVE!!!!!! Sorry I’ve been away guys. I’ve been horribly sick, my fault for thinking I was okay and just getting on with things as normal till I passed out. I’m fine now, but taking things slowly.

Also, been stressed as I’m being forced to do a job I’ll have for 4 weeks, full hours, NO PAY. STUPID SODDING JOB CENTER X_X Have to help sell people on benefits loans. I HATE PHONES, I HATE LOAN COMPANIES, ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!!! To add insult to injury I don’t think they cover my transport either, so I’ll have the awesome sum of £30 a week to live on after paying for that. I have bills, so I’m very worried about living on such a low sum. My mum said she can help, but she's a pensioner so I feel absolutely awful about that as I’m meant to be the one helping her ;_; Also means hardly any art from me *sigh* People will forget me I know it XD A month gone is internet death nowadays.

And this would have to happen in the middle of the R!BB *sobs* My life sucks so much right now.

And now to reply to emails and messages *eeeek* Hope I haven't missed too much?


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