Jan. 1st, 2011

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Feeling very hungover and a bit down because the New Years made me realise how lonely I am. I miss my friends so badly, it sucks having to say Happy New Year by text. So I’m having resolutions to sort myself out good and proper *nods*

1) To find the perfect job and stop being such a coward. I’ve been unemployed for ages and it’s really getting me down. I feel locked away, closed off and unable to do the things I’d love to do. So I’m going to swallow my fears and go for job’s I’ve been avoiding because I worry I’m not good enough and I’ve been too scared to move from home. BBC art department here I come.

2) To not hate my art so much and to see the good in it. And to not be so slow and draw more for peoples stories ♥

3) To be more happy, because I have to admit I haven’t been happy much this year. Things have just gone so wrong for me that I wonder if I did something crappy in my last life lol But to face all that with a smile is always my plan ;)

4) To see my friends more often as I miss them so much. Plus, there are some online friends I miss dearly and it always makes me sad that you meet people and become great mates but they don’t stay and nor do you. So I hope to not feel so lonely because I have to admit i'm not so good at getting to know people.

5) To not be so shy and actually talk more to the people I like. I feel I come across as very standoffish sometimes, when really I’m just a bit shy. And, to not feel so down and dejected when people don’t want to know me. To pretty much not let my soft heart get the better of me.

If I stick to those it’ll be a flipping awesome New Year.


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