Mar. 5th, 2011

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Because I’m a bit bored and hey it’s a good excuse to tidy my poor bag out, have a meme of what crap I have in it. Took out all the screwed up shopping lists and bus tickets.

My little hobo/satchel type bag come TARDIS. Yes those are a little TARDIS and Prefect badges on it XD YES I’M A GEEK XD

I'm amazed I never broke my back carrying this lot )
And I have Twitter; just shyly lurking right now, as I never have a clue what to say, yes I’m THAT boring. But if you’d like to add me I’m lu_be_loo Do you reckon people would mind if I friended them on there if we’re not mates on LJ? Just asking as I’m a bit of a fandom shy girl and wonder if people would be okay with that.
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This guy is completely nicked from the Demon Eames AU that [info]butterflythread has been writing, and [info]platina drawing. Definitely go stalk their journals for more from the universe because it's amazing, hot and Eames as a Demon shouldn't be so sexy, but of course he is ;D

Thanks for letting me doodle around in your AU guys ♥ (And shhhsh I know elliot is a bit too big :P)


He's a soul man )
I'm annoyed with myself. I always want to draw sexy times or snapshots of scenes from fanfics, but I go and ponce around drawing stuff like this. Why do I always draw bloody cover style art and not normal stuff like snogging, shagging on a rug, blowing shit up and shagging, Arthur and Eames sharing a sarnie and shagging ect? ;P 


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