Feb. 24th, 2011

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 Not been too well these past days as I have migraine and I keep being sick, have to do my best impression of a mushroom and lay around in the dark. Though I started on some extra R!BB art. Okay, it's just Arthur for now, but I’m working on it. Might not be much art to share for a while though, so don't forget me ;_;

This may sound daft, okay it is daft. However, I’ve been talking to some people about art colabs and such. And the general idea I’ve collected is that sometimes writers are a bit nervous to ask us artist to draw for them. That sometimes they won’t ask because if they think you're good (pfffft where? Slow and lazy, yes XD)  they would feel rude. Probably can’t talk for the other artists, because that would be rude, but I know for one I’d love to work with some writers in the future. I’m having fantastic fun listening to the guys doing my R!BB, they have such cool ideas and it’s wonderful to see something brought to life. And I've enjoyed doing my BB immensely. So never feel shy, okay. I think when I finish all the things I have to do, I’ll get round to drawing more for the writers I love.

I’m a still a little down in the dumps because I’m convinced I’m the most boring person in fandom right now *sighs* I’ve been in fandom for how long? And I still don’t know people very well D: Maybe because I’m shy on Twitter and the like, but I’m also thinking of deleting that and my Deviant Art of late. If you can’t see things, you can’t feel lonely, is my motto in life.

Goes back to being ill in the dark. I feel like a Mogwai right now, argh bright light :D


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