Jan. 9th, 2011

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I'm seriously trying to distract myself right now with ANYTHING, because my neighbours TV is so loud I want to run round and throw the bloody thing at them D: 

 If anyone has a handy guide to surviving the kink meme, I would love to hear it? Every time I go to read fic, there are far too many and I can’t keep up ;_; I must be the only person in inception fandom who doesn’t go on it much and I must be missing out on tons of great fic  ;_;

I think I'm also the only person who hasn’t read the Chav!Eames fic yet. I admit I was put off the by the CHAV bit, due to my village being chav central they kind of scare me X_X I feel so bad for having that outlook. It just grates when you can’t even stand at the bus stop without a 13 year old asking you for sex or calling you every name under the sun. I’m as working class as they are so they can get lost with that attitude. Going to suck it up and read it though because I heard it's awesome. 

Talking about awesome fics please have a look at Moment of Inertia by [info]knowmydark ;D It's a VERY dark fic and will make you heart ache, it's brutal and gorgeous and goes into what it is to really play with someones mind. I have no words eloquent enough to sum it up really.  God I want to draw for it, but damn it makes me feel inadequate because it's so beautiful and tragic and my arts all 'yay colours and rainbows' *laughs*

And, if you haven't seen it please see my crit post, you can reply anon!!!!


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