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*sigh* Didn't expect a simple meme to turn to drama. I don’t really care to GTFO as they say. But the thing that breaks my heart is that someone would think I’d be low enough to write such things myself ;_; Like I said I can swear I’d never do anything like that because I’ve always tried to be honest. As everyone knows here I always tell you guys what’s up even if I know you’ll think less of me because of it, I haven’t hidden anything about myself from anyone of my friends. I’ve always tried to face up to what people tell me and even if I did things badly in the past I’ve owned up to my mistakes. I guess people just don’t know me very well to think I’d want attention that way (T_T) Don’t they think if I actually wanted attention I’d be more active and less shy, not stoop to doing something pathetic like that? It hurts to see someone would think that.

I’m not going to let it bring me down as people were really sweet to me too in the meme and I’ve been in a really happy mood this last week and some anon’s who obviously hate me can’t break that. Just if that’s you and you’re reading this (obviously because you seem to think you know a lot about me) don’t be so angry, just talk to me okay? If I’ve hurt you that much I’d like to know what I can do to sort it out? And what it is I've done?

Anyway, enough of that bollocks.

CIARA THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! I GOT YOUR CARD AND KEYRINGS AND OH THEY ARE AMAZING ♥ Seriously I’m not using them ever in fear of ruining them. I hear you have bad art again it’s broom smacking time because they are so cute♥♥♥ LOL! THE SPACE BLANKET WILL KEEP ME WARM FROM NOW ON. IT’S HUGE!!!! And hon I’ll try to get online more as it’s great fun when you bug me *hugs* ILU MORE ♥♥♥

*goes offline to hunt for food and abuse Xbox 360*


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