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Happy Birthday Miss Manda ♥

It's a bugger of a day to share a birthday with but here's to having a corker of a day hon ♥

Prezzie behind here for you )
Sorry for the fail.

Oh man yesterday really lived up to being Friday the 13th as it was one eventful day for me.

My net died on me again.

The last Guitar Hero was bought a minute before I walked in the shop to buy it ;_;

I knocked over a huge display in a supermarket

I tore a hole in my favourite jumper.

Fell over on the ice walking Kaneda and became a living mud sculpture.

Then I tripped over my Xbox nearly breaking the poor thing.

Couldn’t draw a good Valentines drawing X_X

AND found out why I’ve been so grumpy as it’s my time of the month and I have CRAMPS. OW OW OW!!!!!!

God I am just AWESOME!!!! *ONLY NOT*

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If it wasn't sad enough that my net died and I missed out on Matts Birthday celebrations *cries, why meee?I REALLY miss RP* Yesterday I had to go into town in this...

ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *Suddely wonders why she has her cold back.*

It was really pretty though when it settled down.

There's snow buisness like snow pictures )


Dec. 28th, 2008 07:40 pm
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Sorry I haven't been round much this weekend but offline has been hell. Not for me but for my sister, so I've been at her house mostly trying to cheer her up. She's been both unlucky and lucky, it started when she had her car broken into and her bag was stolen. She was in such a state trying to fix her window and worrying about her purse being in the bag that she broke down. Thankfully some kind person found the bag and phoned her to tell them apart from some missing cash all was fine.

Then the day after all that worry she lost her mobile phone, it must have fallen out of her bag somehow. Again after stopping her from crying me and mum kept caling her phone hoping someone would pick up, and again luckily someone did and was kind enough to give her it back. She's been very unfortunate in having all that happen but it goes to show some people still have good hearts because most of the people in my town would of kept it and sold it on (X_X)

I'm shatterd zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz -_- *sleeps on keyboard*

Just found out that I'll be at home come New Years eve because all my mates already have plans *cries* Oh well at least I have time to finish my Near ♥ drawing now and RP more ^^ And no sitting in a crowded pub with old men learing at me this year ^



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