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Well, I’ll be at my sisters all day tomorrow, so I’m taking the opportunity now to wish you all a Merry Crimbo (That’s Christmas to non Brits *laughs*) It’s a time to see family and have fun, so I hope my internet family has the best day ever *hugs*

And, I leave you with an early present from me to you awesome guys, sent with love (despite the evilness of yon silly drawing *sniggers*)

Not a creature was stirring, not even a...theif? )
Eames is a git XD

See you guys tomorrow night, if I’m not tipsy and covered in dog drool (my sis has two dogs I adore, sadly I’m allergic to them but that’s never stopped me from having two cute furry blankets squashing me :D)
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Argh I'm so sorry this is late but my internet has completely died on me so I'm having to do this from my sisters comp while I wait for AOL to get their arses in gear *fume*

To catch a crimnal... )
It's supposed to be a young Mello staking his claim in the mafia and making his first kill, a tad gorry I know but it was moment in time I had to draw (seen too many crime dramas of late LOL) for a mafia fangirl ♥ And Sorry for the crappyness of the inking, really hard to do when your dying all over your sketchbook D:

BUT hope you had a lovely day Alex

*Goes away to baseball bat AOL to death*
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Go get your present missy ♥ )Guess what posts of yours I was inspired by, brrrrrrrrr, shiver, yes I'm lame XD Now who is he watching??
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I hope you have an awesome day because you deserve it my dear ♥

A wee present for you luv ♥ )
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Doing this early cos I can ^^ I haven’t had the best year and I haven’t been the most brilliant of friends but you know what you guys HAVE. I’m so very happy to have meet you all and have the honour of calling you friends and thank you so much for still being here for me. Here’s to a new year and a new begging *hugs* And my fave quote is for all of you guys because it sums up what you mean to me ♥

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to the best people on the net ILU all so much ♥

*ahem* Okay I’ll stop being so soppy and let you have a present from me, you can blame Ciara for this one *laughs and runs away from Ciara*

Happy New Near ♥ )
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*sigh* Didn't expect a simple meme to turn to drama. I don’t really care to GTFO as they say. But the thing that breaks my heart is that someone would think I’d be low enough to write such things myself ;_; Like I said I can swear I’d never do anything like that because I’ve always tried to be honest. As everyone knows here I always tell you guys what’s up even if I know you’ll think less of me because of it, I haven’t hidden anything about myself from anyone of my friends. I’ve always tried to face up to what people tell me and even if I did things badly in the past I’ve owned up to my mistakes. I guess people just don’t know me very well to think I’d want attention that way (T_T) Don’t they think if I actually wanted attention I’d be more active and less shy, not stoop to doing something pathetic like that? It hurts to see someone would think that.

I’m not going to let it bring me down as people were really sweet to me too in the meme and I’ve been in a really happy mood this last week and some anon’s who obviously hate me can’t break that. Just if that’s you and you’re reading this (obviously because you seem to think you know a lot about me) don’t be so angry, just talk to me okay? If I’ve hurt you that much I’d like to know what I can do to sort it out? And what it is I've done?

Anyway, enough of that bollocks.

CIARA THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! I GOT YOUR CARD AND KEYRINGS AND OH THEY ARE AMAZING ♥ Seriously I’m not using them ever in fear of ruining them. I hear you have bad art again it’s broom smacking time because they are so cute♥♥♥ LOL! THE SPACE BLANKET WILL KEEP ME WARM FROM NOW ON. IT’S HUGE!!!! And hon I’ll try to get online more as it’s great fun when you bug me *hugs* ILU MORE ♥♥♥

*goes offline to hunt for food and abuse Xbox 360*

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Happy Christmas to all my friends, ILU all so much ♥ Hope you have a great day no matter what you’re up to ^_~

This may be early but I’ll be at my sisters for most of tomorrow so I have to post this now and even though Father Christmas hasn’t visited my house yet, you guys can have an early present from Santa Lucy ^^ This is with love to all you guys from me ♥

Wammys Christmas hijinks ) A rare happy moment at Wammys (well not for Matt but hey he’s being a bugger, serves him right )

Roll on tomorrow morning and the Dr Who Christmas special LOL



Nov. 27th, 2008 04:31 pm
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I would just like to say I'm really happy I have you guys to call friends because each and everyone of you is awesome and lovely. That and I wanted to say how very grateful I am to have your support and for being there for me when I'm down or sad. I love you all for helping me and I want to steal you all and put you in my cupboard. Just saying. And sorry if I ever seem like I try to force friendships, I just like you all *dies of embarrassment*

And help I have my finger hovering over the buy on an Xbox360 right now *tries to drag self away* Can't play games... have work to do...get away from that credit card ;;

Goes to chain self back on Photoshop.


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