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This is for the lovely [livejournal.com profile] delires  is a absolute darling, and wrote a fic to go with this piece, Burning Bright. Absoloutely 100% tiger themed, and with drunk Arthur for good meassure ♥

Preview bruv:

Read more... )

I must vanish now to get ready for my 'I don't get paid, man this blows' work tomorrow. I don't want to go as it means my net time is so cut down, i'll miss you all though *sobs*
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I caved to the Dave ;_; This wee beastie will arrive in a few days. You have to admire a machine called 'THE DECIMATOR' If I vanish you know it’s because I’m stuck wondering how to fit the cards in what slots, blown it up, or that i've got a hold of Dragon Age 2 to play on it  XD Sat now trying to save everything to my external drive, because if I lose my art and fanfic folders I will cry tears of blood. The Dave is envious as I'll have 6 cores over his 2 *bwahahahaha*

I better remember to save my R!BB art 0_0

Oh, I posted some art to [livejournal.com profile] cherrybina's Inception kink fest (so waiting for a free day to read EVERYTHING, because my god it's full of awesome.) I couldn’t resist drawing [livejournal.com profile] seraphinhunter's military/uniform kink prompt though. Only posted it yesterday, but thought i'd post it here too before I have to change computers and vanish.

we're in the army now )

I think my style is changing a lot lately, or maybe I need new specs? I'm slowly crawling closer to drawing full on porn, almost, YES I DO KNOW THEY NEED TO BE MORE NEKID FOR THAT *laughs*. Though, I really wish I was faster at drawing, I guess I’m not because I always do a lot of detail in my art, but I'd SO love to draw a comic sometime  ♥

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This guy is completely nicked from the Demon Eames AU that [info]butterflythread has been writing, and [info]platina drawing. Definitely go stalk their journals for more from the universe because it's amazing, hot and Eames as a Demon shouldn't be so sexy, but of course he is ;D

Thanks for letting me doodle around in your AU guys ♥ (And shhhsh I know elliot is a bit too big :P)


He's a soul man )
I'm annoyed with myself. I always want to draw sexy times or snapshots of scenes from fanfics, but I go and ponce around drawing stuff like this. Why do I always draw bloody cover style art and not normal stuff like snogging, shagging on a rug, blowing shit up and shagging, Arthur and Eames sharing a sarnie and shagging ect? ;P 
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Well, I’ll be at my sisters all day tomorrow, so I’m taking the opportunity now to wish you all a Merry Crimbo (That’s Christmas to non Brits *laughs*) It’s a time to see family and have fun, so I hope my internet family has the best day ever *hugs*

And, I leave you with an early present from me to you awesome guys, sent with love (despite the evilness of yon silly drawing *sniggers*)

Not a creature was stirring, not even a...theif? )
Eames is a git XD

See you guys tomorrow night, if I’m not tipsy and covered in dog drool (my sis has two dogs I adore, sadly I’m allergic to them but that’s never stopped me from having two cute furry blankets squashing me :D)
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Figured I’d post the pictures I finished today as I have a massive Crimbo present wrapping and tidying up spree to do, so may not be around much. I kid ye not when I say my bedroom floor hasn't been seen for months D: Also may be the last pictures I do for a while as i'm busy, busy ;_;

Le preview:

Would you like a hot throbbing machine between your legs, Arthur? )


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