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Oh I feel so ill and I'm so tanked up on cold meds it not funny, I NEED A HUG!!! My Rorschach figure came in the mail today and is now glaring at his fellow detective Near with a scowl. Near's ignoring him but really want's to know how he made his mask. I want an Ozzy figure to go with him because that boy is so flaming I love it XD Even his actor believes so and says so alot (man he's cute ♥)

And LOL trust the Brit to be the one with the rude sense of humour,boners fffff, we have no shame FFFFFFFF!

*possible spoilers* Also ponder a lot on both their methods because well they're complete opposites yet at the same time they do what has to be done. Rorschach believes it takes violence to end violence, where as Ozzymandis believes it takes a war (or the threat of more to come) to end a war. Even thought the comic was written in 1987 I think it's themes still matter a lot today (remember the fear of the cold war so much). I was watching Criminal Minds where they were fighting a possible terrorist attack and one of the FBI agents asks if and why they would be building to something big, he looks to a picture the twin towers in New York and says 'Because it would be memorable' Kind of resonates a lot with the end of Watchmen and I do wonder out of everyone who I believe was right in the end?

Okay off back to bed before I ramble too much inane nonsense XD


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