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I have been thinking in regards to Wammy’s House whether it was cruel of My Wammy to gather these children to create future detectives or the like. It is an admiral experiment of sorts to collect the brightest who would normally not get such a chance and give them an opportunity to be all they can. But after reading the transcriptions about Another Note again it does have me wondering was it really too much for those first children. What was the regime like that pushed A to commit suicide or to turn Beyond's already fragile psyche on its head and toward utter madness? And of L all I can think is did it make an already reticent social misfit 100x worst?

Was it too harsh a start giving highly inteligent vulnerable children too much to aim for? Too much stress?  Even the next generation leads Near and Mello have their problems, especially emotional. And even with a softer hand than the first kids, the welcomed rivalry and push to become the next L became their downfall as well. Mello’s jealousy toward Near and emotional nature pushed him to his final suicide/sacrifice. And Near’s non emotional state and inability to understand others prevents him from leading a normal life and relationships.

But on a positive note it did give children who have no privileges a future. My sister works with such children and she says the one fear they have is once they leave their on their own. I have the feeling that the children who left at 15 were given any help they asked for. Mello was the difference as he ran away and probably made sure he couldn’t be found. But Near got full backing and Linda was hinted to do quite well for herself and I bet Matt had all the games he could love. So it’s only natural that help was given and each child got a vocation suited to them. Heck it’s not too far of a stretch to imagine Wammy’s kids working in the UK government.

Also such children like L and Near really wouldn’t be able to survive outside of the help Wammy’s gave them. They are socially inept, Near especially as it has been said he cannot take care of himself.  So maybe in a way it was good for some of the children. But it does make me think that the orphanage could have done with a bloody good councillor ( us Brits and our hate of shrinks *tsk*). Or at least instead of pushing for rivalry’s that gained mistrust and hatred of others why didn’t they build toward working together and helping one another.  Watari I do wonder what’s going through that head of yours.


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