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I was bored so made up a quick fanmix to go with some of my favourite fandoms and characters right now, the cover says it all. Noticed they’re all quite retro, either set in the past or from the past so the title reflects that. Sometimes old things are the best things *wink*

Old school is the new cool fanmix - An OTP fanmix

Live a life less ordinary, Live a life extraordinary with me. )
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Well after the New Year I've been trying to stick to my promise of drawing more, oh it's hard. I seem to have forgotten how to draw lately so these are the only things I thought were okay enough to share with ya.
Lot's of doodle behind here, Star Trek, Dr Who and original )
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Summary: Jim doesn't always get what he wants for Christmas but he'll sure as hell try.
A/N: Drawn for [livejournal.com profile] space_wrapped the Kirk/McCoy advent comm, which is proving to have a lot of awesome K/Mc moments. Sorry for the lack of colour, Christmas is eating me alive ;_;

I'm fine just where I am. )
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I wasn't actually going to post this as I messed the inking and colours up but I can't not celebrate the Birthday of one of my favourite manga characters ♥

Happy birthday Mello )

Also did some Star Trek doodles when I was on the train to see Lou, boredom makes me draw strange things.

I like eyebrows )

Bit cartoony as it's from my head. Then again the guys on the bottom right are meant to look animated as I want to draw the whole crew in a animated style. The guy on the top left is a really cute guy who was sat across from me who I couldn't resist drawing, I think he knew I was looking. And I drew Spock for once which is shocking!

And now I have to run off to an interview ;_; Panics!
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Title: Even a Captain can't beat a cold
Artist: Seiko_assasin
Pairing: Kirk, McCoy
Rating: PG
Artist's Note: For [livejournal.com profile] rei17 who gave me the idea when I was stuck on what to draw and as I was going through a bad cold myself we though what the hell Jim’s suffering too, I’m an evil artist really XD Also for [livejournal.com profile] theshiva as you always give me that poke I need to get drawing *hugs*


I could get the hypo out you know :D )
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Just want to tear myself away from my bed (my cold is so much worst, bed for me in a minute) to say hello to my new friends from the ST friending meme *waves*

Not to spoil much for the DVD’s but I loved when Chris Pine says about Karl’s Bones, "we had such chemistry I hope they do more with our characters." So do I hun, so do I. *waggles eyebrows* I’m glad to hear the writers say they want to put more character moments in the next film because as much as I adored this version they did concentrate more on the action and getting their universe in order. But bless them for giving us Bones smuggling his ‘girlfriend; onboard the ship ;)

Also there are some fab deleted scenes they should have kept like the Klingon’s and Nero’s jail break because it explains so much about his motivation and what they did for 20 years while waiting for Spock. Plus Kirks brother and his step dad, answers so many questions on why he rebels and why he shouts at the young lad in the car scene. I don’t know why they didn’t add them to the DVD because they add so much, especially the Frank issue and what Kirks home life must have been like.

Well as Scotty says I like this ship it’s exciting ;) And if you haven’t seen it DO IT!

I have some more Star Trek art in the works but had to finish this first. It’s for a art competition on Deviant art and it finishes on the8 th of December which I just realised isn’t that long and I have to actually colour this beast ;_;

Man I hope this looks better when I colour it )

As the theme is ‘dreams and aspirations’ I went for my tomboy childhood one of wishing I could travel to the worlds I adored so much in films and books. I actually used to blow massive bubbles believing they would make a great space helmet :D
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I don't know, I was supposed to be drawing something super serious after watching the DVD's and this happens *shakes head* At least Jim looks happy :D

Dammit Bones I'm a Spaceship Captain not a firefighter! )

Dr Who was amazing, I'll squee for sure when my headache goes away, I feel really ill right now :(
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And after my art funk I doodled some pics for fun. The first is terrible but I tried to draw Chris Pine from Star Trek within 20 mins with no rubbing out *meep* This was what I came up with, yeah I suck at realism but it was fun scribbling like hell and trying not to mess it up
Chris not so fine XD )
Good practice for the Star Trek Big Bang that starts on Sunday *ultra meep*

Next i just felt like designing a space costume so I came up with a 'I was Teenage Space girl' drawing complete with bad teenage posture LOL. Going to colour to make her look like an old 1950's B movie poster with spaceships and monsters XD
I'm just a teenage space girl, baby, like you... )
Also having a small problem with seeing a piece of art on DA. I drew this last Christmas yet when I look at my gallery I can’t see it at all, it’s gone vanished, poof! Can you guys see it? If no well I have no idea what I’ve done there O_O
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Title: 2 Kirk and McCoy scenarios 
Artist: [profile] seiko_assasin 
Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy
Rating: PG to PG-13
Summary: 2 fanarts of the Kirk and McCoy persuasion. One is McCoy is always there for Jim when he needs him the most and the other is...well McCoy is always there for Jim when he needs him but in a different way *cough*

Notes/Warnings: Injured Jim and McCoys bum X_X 

Come on Jim not long to wait now…hold on… )


You smug git )
Ps I may be slow to reply as I'll be away for a bit but I will!!!!♥♥♥
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I’ve been suffering from a really bad case of artist block lately but thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jbadgr and her recent K/Mc drawing (my god missy!!! *fans self*) I was inspired to sketch this up. Need to get my mind of Torchwood happenings ;_;

‘Jim was such a smug bastard really. But if there was anyone on the ship who could get him to remove that gold command shirt, the one that seemed to be perpetually glued to him, it was Bones.’

Smug bastard... )

Sorry Jim has such a goofy looking face, I kinda messed up *dies*

Ps will post to the coms once I get home as just been told I'm of to my sisters again tonight (argh) so you guys get the first look ♥
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Just when I’m meant to be doing sultry sexy pictures of Kirk and McCoy or something serious I decide to do something light hearted, daft and cartoony, after reading the end of the Star Trek novel this had to be done XD
I transported Admiral Archers prized Beagle... )
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Oh god I'm such a procrastinator, I should be working on the fanbook art but oh no I had to draw a blumming Star Trek drawing *headsdesk* I have such a crush on McCoy he's a moody grumpy bugger (like me LOL) and I adore him ♥ Wish I could get his likeness down better but hey...>_>

damnit Jim I'm a doctor not a....bricklayer, mechanic ect )
Insert appropriate metaphor XD

Been playing with the rather stupid idea of going back to college. I say stupid as one I'm 33, already have high grade BA/BTEC/A LEVEL's in art and design and I couldn't really start till next September as it's a bit to late right now. I wanted to do it because I've found two courses I’d love to do locally, both arts based but one for Film and the other for Computer games. Both are what I’d kill to break into art wise but I have no idea how to do that as my old Uni never prepared us for looking for work in art and my friends tell me I'm too old now to try and get in at junior level ;_;

I dunno I'm just so tired of being out of work and wasting my degree -_- I just don't know how to even start looking for work in my field, it's a pain.
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Okay I said I’d put together a fanmix and due to immense boredom I did. It’s my own OTP’s and fan loves of late with what I like to think are cool songs. Hope you like it and I guess most songs can be acociated with the other characters but hey ^^



Songs, Lyrics and zip )
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Bloody Star Trek fandom is drawing me in (Don’t worry I still adore DN ^_~) And after being an oldie school Kirk/Spock slasher I’m finding myself drawn to Kirk/McCoy more though. I think they had wonderful chemistry in the movie (just was blinded by the Spock in the series) And I feel like giving all the new fans who think they're bandwagon jumping a hug. I mean in all fandoms at one point everyone is noob so why worry? It’s just great to see everyone having fun and being so helpful and nice. That and I won’t get so much 'OMG NERD' looks now with the hot new guys, yeah I’m shameless XD

And I know I like figures, I’m a big kid I’ve never hid that but my god I need a job pronto looking at these made by Hot Toys.

I mean God and I mean OH MY GOD!!!!  )

They look amazing! Terminator Salvation may turn out to be terrible, but it’s so lovely and they got Bale spot on. After seeing this and Xizarx's future Mello and Matt teaser fanbook drawing, and Akane's Oblivion Mello all gunned up post I’m all for a post Apocalyptic future for Mello and crew. And as for the Batman’s Joker, Hell such horrible price tag at £150 but Jesus the DETAIL. *drools* He even has his Purple outfit to dress him up in. I wish the DN toys out there had this amount of detail T_T

Working on an OTP fan sound track of sorts for all my fave imaginary people in fandom, as I always listen to music when drawing and I’ve assigned all my fave songs to my fave couples and characters. The Mello and Near is strong in this one but Watchmen, Supernatural, Star Trek, Persona, Hetalia, Maurice ect ect (I like too much stuff X_X) pop up too ^_~

Other than that I’ve been so tired lately, I swear I’m walking through life half awake at the moment. Don’t wake me up though I like dreaming XD But sorry to those I owe emails I’ll get my lazy arse on them soon and my god I need to draw so much Arghhh!!!
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Just got back from watching Star Trek and I have to spaz before I go to bed but I loved it  ♥

*SPOILERS* You know I'm a blabber mouth ^^

Some bits had me scratching my head, much like you said Moontyger, the bad science leaves a lot to be desired, Red matter????? WTF. And the plot is a little meh in some places; they could have gone a bit more into the Vulcan’s story for a start. And okay they broke the universe and twisted it on its head but maybe they did that to diverge away from the original source and do something a bit different for those who analyse the Star Trek universe so much. Also Uhura and Spock snogging is a ‘where the hell did that come from moment?’

James Kirk (Chris Pine) was awesome, dare I say like many a girl I think I’ve fallen for him, it’s the freckles and eyes I swear. And to Alex who was worried about seeing Shattner, seriously he makes the role his own, he’s funny, charming and a real rogue. He’s masochistic to be sure, never have I seen anyone in a movie get the shit kicked out of them so much, I died laughing.

Spock (Zachary Quinto) was great, even if I wish they had made him slowly be more human rather than the sudden turn from logic he has. I wish they had more Kirk/Spock moments too, yeah I’m an old K/S slash girl, hush yer self we all have to start somewhere, and I may go back to it ♥ Simon Pegg as Scotty was adorable but then again I do adore Mr Pegg. He just added a lot of lightness and fun as always. I loved Dr Mccoy too, but sometimes felt Karl Urban was trying too hard to be DeForest Kelley and not make the part his own, but he is a great in his friendship with Kirk, his fear of illness and still has that whole misunderstanding of Spock I find hilarious.

In fact the whole cast was just really good in my opinion.

Stoked to bit’s they had Pike in it and not in a stupid flashing trolley this time, everyone forgets the first captain ;_;

I do recommend watching it; it really does bring back new life into the stories, even my non Trekkie sister loved it. And at least it broke the odd number curse this time XD

Okay I’ll stop spazing and beaming and go crash as I’m knackered. God I'm such a geek ;_; I just know I'll have to buy the blooming figures now *rollseyes*


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