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After Miss Alex’s post about the relationship between Matt and Mello I’ve had a hard think about how it would be for my Matt. He’s an AU! So obviously I can’t talk much about canon though most aspects of his character I’m trying (and probably failing) to keep close to canon Matt. He was obviously friends with Mello in his universe after all Mello took a shy kid under his wing and let him tag along. From Mello’s view I see him not caring about Matt being so close in grades because as much as Matt loved L and his ideals he had no interest in becoming L, so he was no threat unlike Near. Matt is a really laid back guy so who better to put up with Mello’s volatile nature. In my AU that friendship goes as far as Matt actually following Mello from the orphanage, though I see it being more as a one sided thing on Matt’s part because Mello has his own plans and keeps Matt out of them. Maybe for protection, maybe because he was too encapsulated in his awesome plans at the time.

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Okay Persona 3 players. Is it just me but whenever you make a new friend you hear in your head you’ve just made a new ‘social link’?*bangs head on desk*


Still loving Nihil even if everyone is awesome and this slow thicky is having to think hard. And oh god I love Kyrie’s Matt, I’m scared to talk to him as he’s just so great *heehee* Ciara your Near is officially scary.


Erm anything Gevanni says is not endorsed by his mun. His mun is a nice person who is currently dying because of his ‘curse influenced’ potty mouth and bad attitude.

Thanks for getting me to RP guys ♥

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Ha-ha oh my god how do you guys do it? I'm dying of embarrassment every time I post *laughs* You RP-ers get my utmost respect for making it look easy, it’s not!!!!

But I'm having fun and am glad I got over my shyness to post and I love Nihil and Sigil guys so much ♥ 

*is having a rest and is playing Persona 3 as is suffering from RP beginer-itus*

Is it considered rude to have a rest if you have loads to reply to? Or is it okay to leave it for a bit, say you have to sleep? *needs bed* 

That’s part one of my beginner has to ask loads of annoying questions post of annoyance (^_^)


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