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I’m trying to not do a woe is me I hate my art post (again) because i don't hate it, but recently I’ve been feeling I’m missing something in my art, maybe I need to be more adventurous with what I draw, poses and perspective. This will be my new plan of attack. In addition, I was told I do ‘same face’, which bothers me more than I care to admit. So, to try and kick myself out of this low art mood I finished colouring in some old Dragon age 2 and fantasy doodles I did when I was ill.

It worked, I feel happier XD

Preview: Because theres a lot of stuff and big pictures under this here cut. And ramble, oh christ do I ramble X_X

Lots of fantasy blokes behind here..god I need to draw more ladies, not laddies X_X )
Though a new [livejournal.com profile] inception_bang  starts up in August, and I’m all signed to draw for [livejournal.com profile] xmenbigbang  Love, love working with writers ♥
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To fight off wanting to fall asleep lately (a lot) I've been doing some doodles.  Some need finishing but I always like to share things with you guys first ;) Doctor Who, Star Trek, LOM and an OC all under this wee cut )
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Well after the New Year I've been trying to stick to my promise of drawing more, oh it's hard. I seem to have forgotten how to draw lately so these are the only things I thought were okay enough to share with ya.
Lot's of doodle behind here, Star Trek, Dr Who and original )
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Well Job center was fun, NOT. But at least this time I found some jobs to app for, really shite jobs but hey money is money and I can sell the moon on a stick if I can be bothered XD

Spent the rest of today sat on Photoshop colouring and swearing at my new art tablet. I think I have to tell myself not to do too many art projects all at once and to sit down and finish them one at a time and not be in such a rush. I always want everything in my head done yesterday X_X To date I have 2 Death Note pictures to finish, my space girl to colour and make look like a 50's Sci-fi poster, a roller disco girl I doodled to colour, a Supernatural Sam and Dean drawing to finish just because I felt like doing it and a Star Trek one I’ve yet to start. On top of all this I want to work on my portfolio and original character work while I have the time and it’s all making my head explodey.

But to share some I can show you a very rough character sketch for my childrens book idea. You know the lame one I keep changing about a dog from pluto, the one I can't seem to write but have loads of drawing ideas for, orz.
 Everyone knows that dogs are from Pluto. )

And a Mello drawing that won’t be finished because I hate it X_X
Carry on my wayward son... )
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And after my art funk I doodled some pics for fun. The first is terrible but I tried to draw Chris Pine from Star Trek within 20 mins with no rubbing out *meep* This was what I came up with, yeah I suck at realism but it was fun scribbling like hell and trying not to mess it up
Chris not so fine XD )
Good practice for the Star Trek Big Bang that starts on Sunday *ultra meep*

Next i just felt like designing a space costume so I came up with a 'I was Teenage Space girl' drawing complete with bad teenage posture LOL. Going to colour to make her look like an old 1950's B movie poster with spaceships and monsters XD
I'm just a teenage space girl, baby, like you... )
Also having a small problem with seeing a piece of art on DA. I drew this last Christmas yet when I look at my gallery I can’t see it at all, it’s gone vanished, poof! Can you guys see it? If no well I have no idea what I’ve done there O_O


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