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In a bit of pain as my hips have taken to aching again because I fell over badly on the ice yesterday. My own fault, I was playing with my neighbour’s dog in the snow and got into a bit of a free for all snowball fight. Really nervous as the doctor told me if they keep hurting he will have to x-ray me to see if the cartilage is wearing down. I don’t want fake hips ;_; Oh if I come out saying some weird things online, please ignore me I’m on some really high painkillers and I’m all floaty.

It’s the start of the artist claims on the [livejournal.com profile] inception_bang  today. I’m dreading it as I don’t want to disappoint and I don’t think anyone would want me to draw for them D: I just hope I'm not indecisive/faff about and miss out like on last years Star Trek one, damn did I miss out on some great fiction T_T

Talking about drawing, I have two pictures to share.

Erm should have been working on important deadline drawings but [livejournal.com profile] cobweb_diamond   posted a mod and rockers fic and I kind of have a soft spot a mile wide for the era, it’s culture and the music (thanks dad) So despite the fact I should be working on other things I drew a pic from it. Eames looks so beaky and so not like him as I gave him a rockers hair do. Gags self to stop whining about it lol

I broke my tablet pen again so it's back to the mouse for colouring *woe*

Mods, rocker and a PINNY????? )
Oh heck my net keeps going down, PLEASE BE WORKING TONIGH!!!


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