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Doing this early cos I can ^^ I haven’t had the best year and I haven’t been the most brilliant of friends but you know what you guys HAVE. I’m so very happy to have meet you all and have the honour of calling you friends and thank you so much for still being here for me. Here’s to a new year and a new begging *hugs* And my fave quote is for all of you guys because it sums up what you mean to me ♥

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to the best people on the net ILU all so much ♥

*ahem* Okay I’ll stop being so soppy and let you have a present from me, you can blame Ciara for this one *laughs and runs away from Ciara*

Happy New Near ♥ )
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Happy Christmas to all my friends, ILU all so much ♥ Hope you have a great day no matter what you’re up to ^_~

This may be early but I’ll be at my sisters for most of tomorrow so I have to post this now and even though Father Christmas hasn’t visited my house yet, you guys can have an early present from Santa Lucy ^^ This is with love to all you guys from me ♥

Wammys Christmas hijinks ) A rare happy moment at Wammys (well not for Matt but hey he’s being a bugger, serves him right )

Roll on tomorrow morning and the Dr Who Christmas special LOL

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In a fit of insanity I'm seriously thinking of entering this Prince of Persia art competition. I say insanity because it's a tight deadline and I'm slow and I'd have to do something very detailed to match that stunning concept art. But ohhh what prizes, I may just do it for fun ^^

I wonder what's behind this cut? )

Also can't sit too long on the computer recently as because of the cold my Eczema has flared up something rotten, it's all over me and really painful X_X My back hurts a lot just sitting here so maybe I'll stop moaning (and stop scratching) and get off to do some more art and write up Matts log in a note book so I can post it later because *owwwwwww*  -_-

Also is anyone else having big problems with LJ? If I can't get it to load properly it decides it's not sending me notifications either. This entry is more a test that I can still post, stupid LJ.

Art post

Sep. 19th, 2008 08:18 pm
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I'm sorry i've been really quiet lately (and moody *stabs*) but that's because I've been up to my elbows in photoshop finishing this...
Nihil drawing and Near doodles )
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As promised here's the Noir and Near picture for you Ciara dear, sorry for the crappy colouring and overall fail. And sorry it's not as ero as you wanted but had to draw it in the same room as my mum so erm yeah it's quite vanilla in that respect XD

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I said I'd try this and as I had a bit of a bad day I thought I'd cheer myself up by drawing a whole meme of MN goodies. Please ignore that it starts off fine and then I get bloody lazy and hit the chibis *grins* it was fun to do.

As it's massive I put it on mt Deviant art


It's dedicated to those who put up with my emo and are so lovely it hurts *hugs* you guys make me want to cry.

EDIT: What the bloody HELL!!! http://community.livejournal.com/fandomsecrets/162856.html?view=58266920#t58266920 Number 172. I really don't know how to take that at all, I mean I'm an older fan yeah but so what and why say that about my friends? I really don't need this right now!!
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Akane showed Miyanushi's newest picture in her journal who's gallery you can find HERE Seriously if you LOVE!!! Mello and Near check out her work because I fangirl it so badly (and drool and die of envy ^_^ ) 

But she inspired me to try my hand at drawing a hot-ish Near who looks like he does in the manga. Like anything I do it kind of failed as my style took over a bit, but I actually drew proper Near eyes for once *yay*

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This is as far as I've got with my art meme, I told you i was slow LOL! I'm still going through drawing a cute Near kick and I think it's changing my style a little *nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*

Art meme

May. 1st, 2008 05:16 pm
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Stolen from the lovely [profile] zeda_chan 

1. Pick a fictional character that you like
Niaaaa! I mean Near *cough*
2. Draw him/her in what you wore today. 

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Okay sod the hiatus :P

I’ll just hiatus my RP for a wee bit, but I can’t keep away as talking to you guys keeps my mind off what’s happening with my doggy and stops me descending into a pit of gloom. Like I told Alex-sama, I’m stoopid XD Anything I’ve said previously please feel free to shoot me dead.

As a thank you for putting up with me I tried to draw a Moe/Kawai Near, everything is a bit rushed and it's full of fail as I haven't done 'cute' in ages. Also if anyone can teach me to make my inking lines thinner I’ll love them forever, I’m so heavy handed ;_;
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I finally got round to doing your picture as you like sexy Noir here he is.

It's part one of a two part pic as the other part is Near and stitches (shall finish when I get back home from my friends on Saturday) I may actually ink him as the colour job is a bit crap *sowy* and I totally stole how you drew patches *forgive me*

Can't wait to see the Jimmy Eat World gig tomorrow with my friends, and I pray this time I don't get crushed between two 6 foot guys *dies* Just hope my DS stays working for the 2 hour train journey, Zelda I will beat you this century :P.
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Happy Valentines to [profile] rinnakins   I hope you like your present ♥

You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy
To save you from your old ways

EDIT: Oh my god [info]rinnakins wrote me an abolutely beautiful and sad MN story, OH MY GOD I can't thank her enough. Coherency  is something I don't have right now *is in shock*  I now want to do more art as she's inspired me so much. MN fan's are awesome.
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Thank you for cheering me up today, so drew I you a little something *hugs* Will post to MN com tomorrow but my friends get first looks (^_^)

“Near I have a small puzzle for you to solve”

“What game is Mello playing now?”

“There is something I want you to find”


“I want you to find the better part of yourself, but to stare into the looking glass you must first fall through the hole”


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Happy New Year!!!!

I doodled a Near picky inspired by Sigil Near kun and it's a wee bit sad (probably due to my mood) It’s only a sketch but I’m thinking of inking him and adding colour as god I’m a lazy person who does nothing but sketches. Would anyone like to see him finished?

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I promised I would do you a picture and here it is.....
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Two is
Day and Night
Yin and Yang
Left and Right
Light and dark
Right and wrong

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I've had the biggest artist block ever so I forced myself to do a pic, just anything that came to mind. Well chibi near and his rubber ducks just called out to me.

Please ignore the horrid colouring I just rushed it out without thinking so it's all over the place. I just hope I can get over the fact I want to draw but I hate anything that my hand does. I need inspirration stat, it's just horrible

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Finaly got my old scanner to work in time to post it *yay*


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