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Well that is it, my poor computers coughed its last (Stealing mums laptop to post this) I turned it on yesterday for it to make some popping noises, then just not work at all. Been told my whole motherboard and processor have gone ;_; Poor Bodie (yes I named my computer :P), you’ve been with my 4 years, and lived thought my flogging you to death with Photoshop, I’ll miss you. Thank goodness I ordered a new one last week, just waiting on it to be built now ♥

I’m a bit depressed about everything going wrong though, so I’m going to post some art instead, and not bore you with my boring aggravating life, and to distract myself from moaning about my boring aggravating life XD

Note to self: Stop abusing green and brown, there are other colours in the rainbow )
Sorry, to those I owe emails and comments to, and more. I am trying to convince my mum to lend me her laptop more often until my computer arrives. Possibly be here by next week, but that's too long a wait. So, hopefully should be back to comment, reply and stick to the commitments I have, especially to Frida and Mel X_X  Best shoot off, i'll be online again as soon as I can.
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Fox to remake Torchwood and possibly Doctor Who in America

Torchwood I can see working in the US even if the idea leaves me cold, they were aiming for a very American feel with COE. Though the whole fact they’re created by the Queen to defend Britain from alien threat kind of knocks that idea upside its head, unless they include the ‘special’ relationship the US and UK have in that. But really the US has it’s own Torchwood, it’s called Fringe ;) Only worry is it’ll now be in the US with no new UK based eps, no Barrowman and no Gwen ;_;

But Doctor Who Americanised? NO! just…bugger off…NO! He’s like Sherlock Homes, a very national institution and I would just HATE that so very much. Feel childish in my dislike for this but he’s as British as Fish and Chips and has been for generations, don’t ruin that lazy US networks, get your own heroes.

I’ve ranted about this before so I’ll shut up now *looks sheepish*

Well I doodled to cheer myself up and this is what I get for drawing when I’m not particularly in much of a drawing mood because things go so off, LOLs at her bad anatomy and just general BAD.

"Please come with me, I can take care of you." )


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