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I wasn't actually going to post this as I messed the inking and colours up but I can't not celebrate the Birthday of one of my favourite manga characters ♥

Happy birthday Mello )

Also did some Star Trek doodles when I was on the train to see Lou, boredom makes me draw strange things.

I like eyebrows )

Bit cartoony as it's from my head. Then again the guys on the bottom right are meant to look animated as I want to draw the whole crew in a animated style. The guy on the top left is a really cute guy who was sat across from me who I couldn't resist drawing, I think he knew I was looking. And I drew Spock for once which is shocking!

And now I have to run off to an interview ;_; Panics!
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Well Job center was fun, NOT. But at least this time I found some jobs to app for, really shite jobs but hey money is money and I can sell the moon on a stick if I can be bothered XD

Spent the rest of today sat on Photoshop colouring and swearing at my new art tablet. I think I have to tell myself not to do too many art projects all at once and to sit down and finish them one at a time and not be in such a rush. I always want everything in my head done yesterday X_X To date I have 2 Death Note pictures to finish, my space girl to colour and make look like a 50's Sci-fi poster, a roller disco girl I doodled to colour, a Supernatural Sam and Dean drawing to finish just because I felt like doing it and a Star Trek one I’ve yet to start. On top of all this I want to work on my portfolio and original character work while I have the time and it’s all making my head explodey.

But to share some I can show you a very rough character sketch for my childrens book idea. You know the lame one I keep changing about a dog from pluto, the one I can't seem to write but have loads of drawing ideas for, orz.
 Everyone knows that dogs are from Pluto. )

And a Mello drawing that won’t be finished because I hate it X_X
Carry on my wayward son... )
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Argh I'm so sorry this is late but my internet has completely died on me so I'm having to do this from my sisters comp while I wait for AOL to get their arses in gear *fume*

To catch a crimnal... )
It's supposed to be a young Mello staking his claim in the mafia and making his first kill, a tad gorry I know but it was moment in time I had to draw (seen too many crime dramas of late LOL) for a mafia fangirl ♥ And Sorry for the crappyness of the inking, really hard to do when your dying all over your sketchbook D:

BUT hope you had a lovely day Alex

*Goes away to baseball bat AOL to death*
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Go get your present missy ♥ )Guess what posts of yours I was inspired by, brrrrrrrrr, shiver, yes I'm lame XD Now who is he watching??
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Happy Christmas to all my friends, ILU all so much ♥ Hope you have a great day no matter what you’re up to ^_~

This may be early but I’ll be at my sisters for most of tomorrow so I have to post this now and even though Father Christmas hasn’t visited my house yet, you guys can have an early present from Santa Lucy ^^ This is with love to all you guys from me ♥

Wammys Christmas hijinks ) A rare happy moment at Wammys (well not for Matt but hey he’s being a bugger, serves him right )

Roll on tomorrow morning and the Dr Who Christmas special LOL

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I said I'd try this and as I had a bit of a bad day I thought I'd cheer myself up by drawing a whole meme of MN goodies. Please ignore that it starts off fine and then I get bloody lazy and hit the chibis *grins* it was fun to do.

As it's massive I put it on mt Deviant art


It's dedicated to those who put up with my emo and are so lovely it hurts *hugs* you guys make me want to cry.

EDIT: What the bloody HELL!!! http://community.livejournal.com/fandomsecrets/162856.html?view=58266920#t58266920 Number 172. I really don't know how to take that at all, I mean I'm an older fan yeah but so what and why say that about my friends? I really don't need this right now!!
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As it's midnight your end Alles gute zum Geburtstag! ♥

Hope that’s right, doing it from memory and I haven’t done German since I was 16 which is oh only a few years ago, cough *liar who lies XD*

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Happy Valentines to [profile] rinnakins   I hope you like your present ♥

You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy
To save you from your old ways

EDIT: Oh my god [info]rinnakins wrote me an abolutely beautiful and sad MN story, OH MY GOD I can't thank her enough. Coherency  is something I don't have right now *is in shock*  I now want to do more art as she's inspired me so much. MN fan's are awesome.
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Well despite I'm supposed to be leaving the net I couldn't not celebrate Mello's birthday by doing a drawing.

It's rushed as I only had tonight to draw it, I had to colour it with my mouse as my tablet has died so it's a bit messy and I have a full blow cold but I made it on time, ne?
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I promised I would do you a picture and here it is.....
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Well to alleviate my emo-ness I have been drawing so I doodled Mello in my favourite coat of his and he’s smiling (O_O)


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