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Happy Birthday Miss Manda ♥

It's a bugger of a day to share a birthday with but here's to having a corker of a day hon ♥

Prezzie behind here for you )
Sorry for the fail.

Oh man yesterday really lived up to being Friday the 13th as it was one eventful day for me.

My net died on me again.

The last Guitar Hero was bought a minute before I walked in the shop to buy it ;_;

I knocked over a huge display in a supermarket

I tore a hole in my favourite jumper.

Fell over on the ice walking Kaneda and became a living mud sculpture.

Then I tripped over my Xbox nearly breaking the poor thing.

Couldn’t draw a good Valentines drawing X_X

AND found out why I’ve been so grumpy as it’s my time of the month and I have CRAMPS. OW OW OW!!!!!!

God I am just AWESOME!!!! *ONLY NOT*

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I hope you have an awesome day because you deserve it my dear ♥

A wee present for you luv ♥ )
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Happy Christmas to all my friends, ILU all so much ♥ Hope you have a great day no matter what you’re up to ^_~

This may be early but I’ll be at my sisters for most of tomorrow so I have to post this now and even though Father Christmas hasn’t visited my house yet, you guys can have an early present from Santa Lucy ^^ This is with love to all you guys from me ♥

Wammys Christmas hijinks ) A rare happy moment at Wammys (well not for Matt but hey he’s being a bugger, serves him right )

Roll on tomorrow morning and the Dr Who Christmas special LOL

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As Ciara was nice enough to draw me a picture I've decided to draw her the awesome Matt she plays in Sigil for her. He's just had a boring day procrastinating slobbing around on his Playstation waiting for Mello to come back...

And Ci hon it looks like my computer dosent want to work today, is it okay I can annoy you on AIM tomorrow? (if it works, bloody thing from hell!!!!!!) I'm so peeved because I miss chatting to you *teary eyes* But I'll be able to be online a lot longer tomorrow as I won't have to do any more job apps *freeeedom* And we can chat about fluffy bunnies like in Kyrie's game *LOL*

I'm so knackered, zzzzzzzzzzzz  -_-
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Sorry I haven't been online much lately *miss you all*  been feeling a bit shy/left out and I don't know why. 

Erm have a Matt doodle I did while taking a break from a Near picture I'm doing (who's bright idea was it to draw computers and tech?) It's Nihil Matt because he's not allowed to smoke so is on the lolly pops.

Oh and sorry if I make mistakes role playing or am very slow, I'm a lot bit rusty at the moment. Damn I just want to be good T_T
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I did drawings for Mello and Nears birthday so it was only fair I drew Matts too. First time drawing him so may look weird...


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