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X-men thoughts coming soon *geek (cough) geek* But, I thought it may make up for choosing Team Angst if I post some art *runs to hide from some of her friends on the ‘other side’ *laughs** Honestly though, I went for angst as I’m completely stuck on ideas for the fest, I know I do angst better than romance when blocked.

I embrace pain, suffering and sacrifice, and gain strength from obsession. It is true that they have given me scars that will never fade, but for that, I am grateful, because they show me what is within me, and what is within reach of me.



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I want to thank the lovely [livejournal.com profile] darjeelinger  for picking me to work with, it’s been great fun listening to her ideas, and she’s been really brilliant. She came up with some wonderful creative ways to pull at poor Eames’ mind, which really the whole picture was about. I’m fascinated by the idea of a forger, who really shouldn’t need a totem, loosing himself to dreams. It's wonderful twisty read, thank you so very much sweetheart ♥

Sing a Song of Sixpence by darjeelinger  *go read, shoo shoo*

falling down, what cha gonna do? )
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Title: The Road Less Travelled
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG
Notes: It’s been ABSOLUTELY brilliant working with [livejournal.com profile] butterflythread. I was so happy when she claimed my art and I love the direction she took my original prompt, it was like the clash of a bad TV program ‘WHEN GAME GEEKS COLIDE’. She’s been so patient with me, especially when I was unable to be around as much as I wanted. Thank you Nellie, you’re awesome, and I hope we get to team up more. I also want to thank [livejournal.com profile] platina  and [livejournal.com profile] weatherfront  for being amazing cheerleaders when it came to the art. Because it’s based on the game Fallout 3, I went completely comic book style with the new art to reflect that universe more, it was so much fun. The original prompt was for a much darker idea, so I’m glad we went lighter.

Thank you so much for looking, and I hope you like it. beware of the huge pictures I have under the cut, may take time to load.

FIC LINK: to ‘The Road Less Travelled’ fic by [livejournal.com profile] butterflythread  

Doorway to an apocalypse  )

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I caved to the Dave ;_; This wee beastie will arrive in a few days. You have to admire a machine called 'THE DECIMATOR' If I vanish you know it’s because I’m stuck wondering how to fit the cards in what slots, blown it up, or that i've got a hold of Dragon Age 2 to play on it  XD Sat now trying to save everything to my external drive, because if I lose my art and fanfic folders I will cry tears of blood. The Dave is envious as I'll have 6 cores over his 2 *bwahahahaha*

I better remember to save my R!BB art 0_0

Oh, I posted some art to [livejournal.com profile] cherrybina's Inception kink fest (so waiting for a free day to read EVERYTHING, because my god it's full of awesome.) I couldn’t resist drawing [livejournal.com profile] seraphinhunter's military/uniform kink prompt though. Only posted it yesterday, but thought i'd post it here too before I have to change computers and vanish.

we're in the army now )

I think my style is changing a lot lately, or maybe I need new specs? I'm slowly crawling closer to drawing full on porn, almost, YES I DO KNOW THEY NEED TO BE MORE NEKID FOR THAT *laughs*. Though, I really wish I was faster at drawing, I guess I’m not because I always do a lot of detail in my art, but I'd SO love to draw a comic sometime  ♥

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So tired *stop* Hate new job I won’t be paid for *stop* Nobody told me I’d be handling cash and loans out right, what is maths? *stop* HATETIREDGRUMPY *stop* I don't want to do this for another 4 weeks, i'm too shy to serve people who are cranky and want their money NOW, but I can't get out of it D:

And regarding Being Human aka best Brit series on the telly since Life on Mars.

*erm spoilers for anyone who watches it*

MITCHELL!!!!OMG ;___________; *sobs* It’s because he’ll be in the Hobbit isn’t it? The scene between George and Mitchell was so powerful and emotional, they broke my heart, the bastards ;_;

To cheer myself up before I have to go to bed, have some art. 

I drew this for [livejournal.com profile] knowmydark's fic  Moment of Inertia. Decided such a serious fic would get a serious more realistic style. This is influenced by David Mack’s art as I’ve been reading Kabuki: Metamorphosis again ♥

A moment of despair )
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This guy is completely nicked from the Demon Eames AU that [info]butterflythread has been writing, and [info]platina drawing. Definitely go stalk their journals for more from the universe because it's amazing, hot and Eames as a Demon shouldn't be so sexy, but of course he is ;D

Thanks for letting me doodle around in your AU guys ♥ (And shhhsh I know elliot is a bit too big :P)


He's a soul man )
I'm annoyed with myself. I always want to draw sexy times or snapshots of scenes from fanfics, but I go and ponce around drawing stuff like this. Why do I always draw bloody cover style art and not normal stuff like snogging, shagging on a rug, blowing shit up and shagging, Arthur and Eames sharing a sarnie and shagging ect? ;P 
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Title: House of Paper
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] loobeeinthesky 
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Eames, Arthur and Ariadne.
Summary:  "Getting dragged in by the FBI is not exactly the way Eames had planned on spending the weekend. He's even less amused when it turns out that Arthur's the reason for it. However, he had never been able to say no to this particular pair of doe eyes. And with the mind of a psychopathic serial killer as the playground and the FBI breathing down their necks Arthur and Ariadne really need all the help they can get ..."

EDIT: The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] rei17  has finally started to post the story so head on over to this link here ♥


More under this cut )
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I know this was meant to be for the Reverse BB, but I truly don't like how it turned out, so i'm posting it here now. Sorry for letting down those who wanted to see it in the R!BB *grovels* I'm sure i'll come up with something cooler, sexier or heartbreaking *grins evily*

Just bloody RUN! )

PS Is there any way you can load a big-ish picture to Photobucket without it shrinking it? It's about 1225 pixles in width, but PB keeps knocking it about 1150 now and it blurs it badly.  Thank you Bunnie ♥, i
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Figured I’d post the pictures I finished today as I have a massive Crimbo present wrapping and tidying up spree to do, so may not be around much. I kid ye not when I say my bedroom floor hasn't been seen for months D: Also may be the last pictures I do for a while as i'm busy, busy ;_;

Le preview:

Would you like a hot throbbing machine between your legs, Arthur? )
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In a bit of pain as my hips have taken to aching again because I fell over badly on the ice yesterday. My own fault, I was playing with my neighbour’s dog in the snow and got into a bit of a free for all snowball fight. Really nervous as the doctor told me if they keep hurting he will have to x-ray me to see if the cartilage is wearing down. I don’t want fake hips ;_; Oh if I come out saying some weird things online, please ignore me I’m on some really high painkillers and I’m all floaty.

It’s the start of the artist claims on the [livejournal.com profile] inception_bang  today. I’m dreading it as I don’t want to disappoint and I don’t think anyone would want me to draw for them D: I just hope I'm not indecisive/faff about and miss out like on last years Star Trek one, damn did I miss out on some great fiction T_T

Talking about drawing, I have two pictures to share.

Erm should have been working on important deadline drawings but [livejournal.com profile] cobweb_diamond   posted a mod and rockers fic and I kind of have a soft spot a mile wide for the era, it’s culture and the music (thanks dad) So despite the fact I should be working on other things I drew a pic from it. Eames looks so beaky and so not like him as I gave him a rockers hair do. Gags self to stop whining about it lol

I broke my tablet pen again so it's back to the mouse for colouring *woe*

Mods, rocker and a PINNY????? )
Oh heck my net keeps going down, PLEASE BE WORKING TONIGH!!!
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Drew this a few weeks ago and figured what with the pics of hoodie Tom floating around I’d post it.

When you cease to dream you cease to live )

The cars meant to be a Mini Cooper but I drew it too mini, opps :D  It’s a scene from The Delphini Trials by [livejournal.com profile] atomicskull, which I highly recommend. The idea of people finding out about dream sharing and the crew being treated as criminals is a great idea and so believable.

Why on earth does my art change depending on my mood? It’s like I’m one of the many (green) lantern rings, today I’ll be yellow and evil or something equally bizarre XD

Talking about fics to rec Don't Fall in Love with a Dreamer  by [livejournal.com profile] eleveninches  is so hilarious and adorably ridiculous, and Cobb the poor man *laughs*

Oh to the Death Note fans now that the calendar has been out for nearly a year and Octobers gone by, I figured I would show you what I did for it as I don’t think I ever posted it here before.

Who you gonna call? )
Uh other than that I’m dreading the Inception Bigbang. Okay as an artist I get the easy bit of choosing a story and not having to think it up and write it. But it has to be said I’m the most indecisive bugger you’re ever going to meet and I can’t for the life of me decide. I’m nervous I may miss out because I couldn’t make my mind up what to draw, watch me fail and not do it *woe* Why am I such a div?!!!

I have so much to draw but no motivation right now, bugger!
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 As always I’ll share these with you guys first as I won’t post them all to coms. Drew these at my friends house when I was away because I was really bored at night on my own, though she found my doodles after and asked ‘why are you drawing men snogging?’.... eeeeeh why not! XD I also apologise for continued use of some horrible patterns in my art, possibly been watching too much Life on Mars and it's 70's awesomeness, but I also adore vintage patterns and think Eames looks lush in them so :P

The good the bad and the bwahahahahaha! )
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I’m really spamming art this week, sorry. But I’m going on hiatus for a while starting Wednesday as I seriously have to work hard on some drawings, if I come online I just know I’ll get reading fanfics and procrastinate and I owe it to one story not to do that. I’m crap with deadlines ;_;

SO, I’m posting this now while i'm online because I promised the lovely [livejournal.com profile] rei17  some hurt comfort and well I hope I delivered hun, I’ll still do that drunk/vulnerable Arthur and protective Eames drawing for you too I swear XD

The boy who blocked his own shot )

Also stole this meme off [livejournal.com profile] kiwimangoodness 

Out of utter curiosity, if I had to write draw you one story image/comic, what would you request? Or alternatively, what's something you always hoped I'd write draw but know is never going to happen? (You never know, though?)

I really want to draw Eames in a cravat and glasses XD
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Somehow I managed to finish off 3 pictures while I was ill, and I wonder why I could still snooze for a week. HUGE pictures under here so beware.

My lawyer made me change the name of this LJ cut so wouldn't get sued... )
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This is probably the only place i'll post this as I absolutely hate everything about it, though thank you to everyone who suggested ways of colouring it, I really appreciated it ;)


'Come on you stick in the mud it's casual Friday, live a little' )
Though next on my list of drawings is something sexy, something delicate and angsty and something cartoony and silly :D I'm going to try and change my way of drawing so it's more fluid and less bogged down in realism, time to have fun XD

Tomorrow I'll be away getting a year older so just want to say I love ya all and thanks for making my whole year, and here's to another fabulous one *hugs from an old fart*
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I’m having a mega Godzilla sized art block (AGAIN) and when I have one of those I bring out the chibis, so have a sneak peek at chibi Eames I'm working on, the smug git! 

Also would like to ask as I’m so stuck on what to draw next, what would anyone like to see drawn? Therefore, if you have a fic you love with a scene that demands to be illustrated, push it in my direction, or anything Inception based you’d like to see in general really. Can’t promise anything, but I will see if my inspiration (which has gone poof) bites XD I do want to draw a short comic but I’m stuck on the story :( 

i guess I'm a bit annoyed at my art as my realistic and cartoony sides are fighting and I just cannot settle on what I like to draw best or what the best is, so it's all smushed together to create an evil block. My own fault for drooling so much at the fantastic Inception art i've seen lately. So I nicked this meme off Manda to bug you lovely people about it, don’t worry about any crit I luve it and I don’t bite XD

The Old
1. What do you like about my art?
2. What do you dislike about my art?
3. Name 3 things you think I should work on

The New
Link/introduce to me some of your favorite inspirations/muses (anything is fine be it a story, a song, or an artist)

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A bit of a diversion from my usual comic book style as I wanted to try and get their likeness down because I felt I was lacking something artwise. My god but they’re evil to draw like this and sorry about my scanner picking up my messy lines :( I wish I wasn’t so slow though and could draw more *looks longingly at kink meme and certain fan fics* Going to do a no text comic next, wish me luck :D

this is just a game...it's beautiful lie )
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Remind me next time I go visit my friend to make sure she’s in a good mood and not walk into a domestic between her and her husband. God it was so awkward and I didn’t know what to say (what can you say?) I was sat in the middle of it like an idiot till it blew over, I was stuck in that situation for 3 days ;_;

But I’m home now thank goodness. I’m so tired though, absolutely so full of cold I sound like Barry White on a good day, but I do have 3 Inception drawings to share before I go to bed a fight this thing.

Follow the white rabbit..... )
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...or Lucy really wishes Tom Hardy wasn't so hard to draw....-_-"

EDITED: With new and much improved pic because [livejournal.com profile] platina  is an utter sweetheart and helped me out so much <3

One day you'll find yourself up shit creek without a paddle...or a gun. )

And because I promised Jen here's some Eames/Arthur fanfic recs. I'm not joking when I say there are a lot of amazing things in this fandom and I can't keep up, but these are some that stood out to me (some AU's and knowing me probably terribly angst ridden XD).

And Arthur runs - Summary: In Arthur's dreams, he runs. He can. He doesn’t stumble. He doesn’t hurt.

(Non) Compos Mentis Hora Smoni: (Not) in Control of One's Mind at the Hour of Sleep - Summary: Arthur goes crazy very much in the same way he does everything else - efficiently, determinedly, and with a quiet steadfastness. Eames has always been a little crazy, and he doesn't need the wristband or straightjacket to prove it. The different faces he wears are enough. All of [livejournal.com profile] aimlesstravels  fics are more than worth reading and honestly these recs would be nothing but her works but better stop now, this is my fave by far.

documentation of an affair - Summary: Letters, notes, phone calls, emails, and IMs between Arthur and Eames. (Just too cute for words)

Perfect Recall - Summary: While on a job, the target gets way too interested in Arthur. (Pure angst and mentions of rape, so do be warned, she also has some great follow up fics in the same universe)

Parlor Tricks  -Summary: It has been ten months since the inception job. Eames and Arthur perform an extraction for Saito in Singapore, but the subject is not who they originally anticipated it to be, nor is the job as straightforward (or safe!)

Life In Virtual Reality -Summary: ‘Reality’s creeping into your dreams, Eames. Your security’s going to be ruined if you can’t get rid of me.' Eames finds himself haunted by projections of Arthur.

I do have a Delicious account with tons of good fic here that I update often, because to name them all would take ages. 


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