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Okay I said I’d put together a fanmix and due to immense boredom I did. It’s my own OTP’s and fan loves of late with what I like to think are cool songs. Hope you like it and I guess most songs can be acociated with the other characters but hey ^^



Songs, Lyrics and zip )
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Why WHY WHHYYYYYYYYYY are tickets to Canada so expensive? I could cry so much, I wanna goooo so badly. I mean come on I’m tiny they can throw me in the overhead luggage compartment for cheap ^^ AND Why does my best mate want to go to London for her hen do when it’ll cost so much when Leeds has a roller disco? I’m not made of money woman (Love her really ♥)

Oblivion finally downloaded happyhappyjoyjoy Just have to work out how to get my new ram card in the comp and I’m all to go.

Oh and drew a crappy sketch of poor suffering Arthur (Hetalia's England tan) damn naughty fairys!!!

This is awfully humiliating old boy. )
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And because I'm an idiot when full of cold have Hetalias England-chan (he is supossed to represent England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland me thinks) doing what the English Irish do best ehhhhheeeee!!! (///)
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This is the sketch (under the cut) I'm going to enter for the Prince of Persia UK art comp. I decided to draw the female character because I suck at drawing muscular men ^^ Do you guys think it's okay? because I've gone for a more western look to go with the game and I know it will fail once I have to colour it. Oh it will have a back ground, I do them separately and have yet to work out what?????
Something a little different!  )

And Ciara I hope this puts a smile on your face. UK-san shaking his bum and keep watching for US and Canada at the end *snorts* I love, love, love Hetalia (still ♥ DN) it's my crack fandom.
Need bed...crawls off.


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