Jul. 5th, 2008 03:40 pm
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Well I know I’m clumsy but today took the biscuit, I’ve bashed my hand pretty badly tripping over the carpet. Its okay just really bruised and hurts like hell (I’m typing with my left hand, so not easy) It’s so not fair I’m dying to draw some art as I’m in such an inspired mood today. I’m glad about that as for the last 2 weeks I’ve been very blah about fandom and everything really and I don’t know why that is. Maybe being gone for a week makes you feel too much on the outside or maybe I’m just tired of all the arguments, all I know is I’ve been feeling very shy since I’ve been back. I guess it’s also because I’m just so bored at home, I can’t wait to find work just to get me out and doing something but staying in all the time. Guess I’m just feeling lonely again, everyone has someone they can talk to but I just…well I just have me.

Finally decided to lay Gevanni to rest, I’m not doing anything with him so I’ll delete him soon. I’m so sad Sigil is no more but I had a lot of fun playing for the short time I was there and of course its great fun to still read some yummy MN and Ci’s Matt being a dork. As for Matt in Nihil I’m having a long hard think on whether to keep him or let him go. I do love playing him but I’m a rotten Role-player. Everyone has plots going on and ideas and I’m just too thick to even get him out of his room *le sigh* I just know I’m one of those bad role players I read about that sit on characters doing nothing. If Ciara wasn’t such a darling I know I’d be booted by now, maybe I wasn’t meant to be a Roleplayer as I’ve never been a good writter.

*goes to rest wrist* 


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