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Oh cripes X_X

I have a appointment with a dermatologist next month and it’s about bloody time too because my Eczema has been killing me since last November and I hope to get it sorted once and for all. But I was told there would be students present and last time I went (I was 16 X_X) I had to strip to my undies ;_;

Think it’s time for underwear shopping spree me thinks LOL

And to gravatate away from that mind warping image I've done another image for Le fan book XD This time it's Gevanni in arse kicking mode. Ignore the wacky anatomy I was trying to be stylized X_X

*Pow pow* )
Canna forget the guy who photocopied wrote the Death Note in a night man ♥
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Right I’m doing a boring ‘to do list’ again because I’ve been procrastinating (though was poorly yesterday so hid in bed playing Persona 3) so need this to make sure my mind doesn’t wander off this week.

1) Do some more RP. Get Matt doing something and actually reply to people you lazy woman. Post for Gevanni. Stop missing really cool chances to RP in IC_secrets
try to get courage to play Near somewhere
2) Pictures to do: 1.Mello pinning Near to the wall for Ciara 2. Sigil pic of MMN also for Ciara (^_~) Draw some more MN ♥ because I miss fangirling drawing it and a certain art meme I haven’t finished (>_<) Just realised the other day how much Death Note (particularly MN) means to my art because before I fell for it I hadn’t draw properly for 3 years. So I have to thank it and you guys for giving me that urge to draw again (^_~)
3) Stop being shy (;_;)
4) Hug friends just because I can, especially those who are having a shitty time *squishes*

Real life:
1) Fill out more job applications *dies*
2) Work on some more graphic designs for said jobs.
3) Possibly think of entering Neo mags Rising stars of manga competition?????
4) Try to nag friends to go on holiday this year hopefully with me this time (;_;)

What not to do. Play Persona 3, PW and the SIMS when you have other more important things to do *smacks* Stop calling everyone sweetie, I feel like an old woman when I do it.

And to make this not so boring have a badly drawn Gevanni picture.



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