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Should have posted this yesterday but my net crapped out on me again. But better late than never

He's sneaking a good old cup of joe into a busy schedule (lol's at fail Halle and Near)

Some blah a pic and more art blah )
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Bloody Star Trek fandom is drawing me in (Don’t worry I still adore DN ^_~) And after being an oldie school Kirk/Spock slasher I’m finding myself drawn to Kirk/McCoy more though. I think they had wonderful chemistry in the movie (just was blinded by the Spock in the series) And I feel like giving all the new fans who think they're bandwagon jumping a hug. I mean in all fandoms at one point everyone is noob so why worry? It’s just great to see everyone having fun and being so helpful and nice. That and I won’t get so much 'OMG NERD' looks now with the hot new guys, yeah I’m shameless XD

And I know I like figures, I’m a big kid I’ve never hid that but my god I need a job pronto looking at these made by Hot Toys.

I mean God and I mean OH MY GOD!!!!  )

They look amazing! Terminator Salvation may turn out to be terrible, but it’s so lovely and they got Bale spot on. After seeing this and Xizarx's future Mello and Matt teaser fanbook drawing, and Akane's Oblivion Mello all gunned up post I’m all for a post Apocalyptic future for Mello and crew. And as for the Batman’s Joker, Hell such horrible price tag at £150 but Jesus the DETAIL. *drools* He even has his Purple outfit to dress him up in. I wish the DN toys out there had this amount of detail T_T

Working on an OTP fan sound track of sorts for all my fave imaginary people in fandom, as I always listen to music when drawing and I’ve assigned all my fave songs to my fave couples and characters. The Mello and Near is strong in this one but Watchmen, Supernatural, Star Trek, Persona, Hetalia, Maurice ect ect (I like too much stuff X_X) pop up too ^_~

Other than that I’ve been so tired lately, I swear I’m walking through life half awake at the moment. Don’t wake me up though I like dreaming XD But sorry to those I owe emails I’ll get my lazy arse on them soon and my god I need to draw so much Arghhh!!!


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