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Day 05 – Your favorite companion

Numero uno is Jamie McCrimmon, a Highland piper plucked from the bloody battle of Culloden in 1746. I just adore him, he’s brave, loyal, cheeky, naïve, yet always willing to try and understand things that are beyond him and if he can't he'll just pretend he does with a 'aye' to shut the Doctor up. It makes me laugh how much he teases the Doctor especially about his TARDIS piloting skills and I love the dynamic they have of trust and respect. He’s always grabbing onto things, I don’t kid here as you often see him clinging on to his companions, most often the Doctor himself , he wouldn’t know personal space if it bit him on the bum XD

Ah if you need proof of that, proof I shall give, follow yon cut  ;)

Proof, plus Zoe, Donna and yes even Adric :P )
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Day 04 – Your favorite Doctor


Ahaha bet you thought my favourite was David, John, Peter or Tom (who I do love) but it’s Patrick Troughton, this is the guy who made Doctor Who what it is today so many years later.

Colin Baker said once that if William Hartnell had regenerated into someone with less acting ability than Patrick Troughton, Doctor Who would have died then and he and all the other doctors would have been out of a job.

Oh, my giddy aunt! )
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Hee this is pretty neat XD The New Doctor Who, a certain Matt Smith, got to rock out with Orbital at Glastonbury. Certainly beats Murray's new theme tune for series 5 XD

Always amazed that TV show that started in 1963 is still going so strong in 2010, seems like only yesterday I was 4 staring at Tom Baker on the telly in wonderment XD
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So last Doctor Who tonight and I’m really excited to see how they can get out of the pickle the crew landed in on the last episode.

Just have to say though that everyone says Miss Pond is the hottest Who companion ever (Karen is pretty no denying it but…) well I disagree, as they must never have heard of Lela, Romana, Martha and the lovable Jamie McCrimmon and his wee kilt XD Actually he’s my favourite companion of all time, just love him and the second Doctor so much. I actually miss seeing a proper full time male companion, oh aye we had Jack, Mickey and Rory in nu-Who but they never stick around as long as the girls and that’s why I miss Jamie, he was loyal and very close to the Doctor D:

How can you not love these two? so much man grabbing and that kilt ♥ XD

Proof that the second Doctor ain't as dorky as he looks in Who.... )
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*Sigh* Feeling a bit down today, having low self esteem sucks badly. I don’t know if it’s me or I come across as a bit boring or an idiot (as my sis tells me constantly, the cheeky sod) but I find it so hard to make friends online. Part of me finds I have nothing of interest to say and I don’t think I’m all that funny, but I guess that’s my low esteem shouting. Making friends when you’re into new fandoms is so hard, I feel like a huge div sometimes surrounded by awesome people.

I need to stop moping and grow a thicker skin and just post and not be afraid, like I used to be *smacks self* Ah well in trying to keep my chin up I watched two great telly shows. Under cut’s for spoilers and the fact I think I’m the only one who reads my fangirling LOL

That was hands down my favourite episode of Ashes to Ashes. So many things to get your head around.

A2A 3x05: 'Stopping Litton's been one of my vocations in life.' )
And it’s beyond ace to see Doctor Who back to being damn great after some okay-ish eps.

Doctor Who 5x05: "No lets lie to her, cause that will make her all better". )
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As you guys know (and probably want to lob rocks) I'm uber excited for the new Doctor Who's first episode this Saturday, so to celebrate I drew a picture of him.

Trust me I'm the Doctor )

Next up on my art list of doom are life on Mars and Star Trek (who i've been putting off for too long) if I get lazy poke me XD
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I was bored so made up a quick fanmix to go with some of my favourite fandoms and characters right now, the cover says it all. Noticed they’re all quite retro, either set in the past or from the past so the title reflects that. Sometimes old things are the best things *wink*

Old school is the new cool fanmix - An OTP fanmix

Live a life less ordinary, Live a life extraordinary with me. )
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To fight off wanting to fall asleep lately (a lot) I've been doing some doodles.  Some need finishing but I always like to share things with you guys first ;) Doctor Who, Star Trek, LOM and an OC all under this wee cut )
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Fox to remake Torchwood and possibly Doctor Who in America

Torchwood I can see working in the US even if the idea leaves me cold, they were aiming for a very American feel with COE. Though the whole fact they’re created by the Queen to defend Britain from alien threat kind of knocks that idea upside its head, unless they include the ‘special’ relationship the US and UK have in that. But really the US has it’s own Torchwood, it’s called Fringe ;) Only worry is it’ll now be in the US with no new UK based eps, no Barrowman and no Gwen ;_;

But Doctor Who Americanised? NO! just…bugger off…NO! He’s like Sherlock Homes, a very national institution and I would just HATE that so very much. Feel childish in my dislike for this but he’s as British as Fish and Chips and has been for generations, don’t ruin that lazy US networks, get your own heroes.

I’ve ranted about this before so I’ll shut up now *looks sheepish*

Well I doodled to cheer myself up and this is what I get for drawing when I’m not particularly in much of a drawing mood because things go so off, LOLs at her bad anatomy and just general BAD.

"Please come with me, I can take care of you." )
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I’ve stopped flailing about 10 leaving and how much John and David rocked my socks off for a few seconds, to put together a why they rocked my socks off post of EPIC bromance. So have a wee End of Time picture post, which probably is just an excuse for me to perv over the Master and Doctor more *cough* Thar be spoilers, though this post misses out a lot of the plot as I’m going for the slashy bits and having to keep the picture quota down as photobucket will kill me :(



Hot U.N.I.T Master demands you click here for lot's of pictures )
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Decided to do some colouring and finish my Master doodle. Still not sure I have him right, really my own fault for not referencing John Simms face and just drawing from my head.

Can you hear them Doctor? )

Hate my colouring, it's so flat, but then again I do love the simple comic book style so it rubs off on me. One day i'll get dimension into my shading and not rush so much. Though who ever it was who put a collar and leash on the Master has my thanks *perves on*

God I LOVE Doctor Who ♥ Me? obsessed? never ;) *coughs*

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Well after the New Year I've been trying to stick to my promise of drawing more, oh it's hard. I seem to have forgotten how to draw lately so these are the only things I thought were okay enough to share with ya.
Lot's of doodle behind here, Star Trek, Dr Who and original )
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Hope everyone has an enjoyable spooky night and don't let the bed bugs bite ;) I knocked up a wee picture to celebrate it and went for my favourite cracktastic duo of the Doctor and Donna because I know those troublesome twosome would love a night like this..

You snooze you loose Doctor )
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Dear SFX magazine I love you but please stop covering the lower part of the F so I look like I’m reading a SEX magazine. Thank you for getting me such an embarrassing question as to why I’m reading such a mag from a cocky little git of a 13 year old X_X

Though said mag now says there will be a remake of the Prisoner, I’m wondering if that’s a good thing or not as the original was the best mess with your mind telly ever.

Speaking of bringing the new to the old my sister wanted me to draw the tenth Doctor from Dr Who so here he is, looking a bit annoyed.
So, are you the Dr, Doctor? )
Supernatural has downloaded *runs away to watch*


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