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1. I am not going to be around much in the next few weeks, as I have to do another 4-week volunteer job thing. I’m going to be so behind on the R!BB’s because of it, I’m officially the slowest reader EVER. I’m also the worst R!BB partner ever, I really need to get back in touch with everyone before I get bogged down in work.

2. But I wanted to thank everyone who left a comment on the JFC ILU meme in the last post. I wish I could say how much I flipping love you guys, but words would never be enough. You are the most awesome friends, and you make my sad days just shine, I’m happy to know you all ♥ I LOVE YOU FLIST ♥♥♥

3. I’m also going through a horrible art block again. SO WOULD LIKE TO ASK... NAY BEG FOR ART IDEAS. Anything you would like to see me draw, fics I could illustrate, ANYTHING!! I already have clowns and cowboys suggested to me, but still have this god-awful block, I get sad when I can’t draw or come up with cool images in my head. And, I do have a picture for [livejournal.com profile] celestineangel  to do too. HELP ME BEAT THIS ;_;

4. In addition, to bore you a little while more. I’ve been cleaning out my art folders, and thought I’d post some art I don’t think I’ll ever finish, but I actually liked the ideas behind them.

What's in box number 4 Bob? )


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