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To fight off wanting to fall asleep lately (a lot) I've been doing some doodles.  Some need finishing but I always like to share things with you guys first ;) Doctor Who, Star Trek, LOM and an OC all under this wee cut )
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Summary: Jim doesn't always get what he wants for Christmas but he'll sure as hell try.
A/N: Drawn for [livejournal.com profile] space_wrapped the Kirk/McCoy advent comm, which is proving to have a lot of awesome K/Mc moments. Sorry for the lack of colour, Christmas is eating me alive ;_;

I'm fine just where I am. )
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Just want to tear myself away from my bed (my cold is so much worst, bed for me in a minute) to say hello to my new friends from the ST friending meme *waves*

Not to spoil much for the DVD’s but I loved when Chris Pine says about Karl’s Bones, "we had such chemistry I hope they do more with our characters." So do I hun, so do I. *waggles eyebrows* I’m glad to hear the writers say they want to put more character moments in the next film because as much as I adored this version they did concentrate more on the action and getting their universe in order. But bless them for giving us Bones smuggling his ‘girlfriend; onboard the ship ;)

Also there are some fab deleted scenes they should have kept like the Klingon’s and Nero’s jail break because it explains so much about his motivation and what they did for 20 years while waiting for Spock. Plus Kirks brother and his step dad, answers so many questions on why he rebels and why he shouts at the young lad in the car scene. I don’t know why they didn’t add them to the DVD because they add so much, especially the Frank issue and what Kirks home life must have been like.

Well as Scotty says I like this ship it’s exciting ;) And if you haven’t seen it DO IT!

I have some more Star Trek art in the works but had to finish this first. It’s for a art competition on Deviant art and it finishes on the8 th of December which I just realised isn’t that long and I have to actually colour this beast ;_;

Man I hope this looks better when I colour it )

As the theme is ‘dreams and aspirations’ I went for my tomboy childhood one of wishing I could travel to the worlds I adored so much in films and books. I actually used to blow massive bubbles believing they would make a great space helmet :D
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Sometimes I do a bit of art because I feel like it and this was one of them, it made me wibble a bit :(

Where did Mr Bunbun go? )
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Well Job center was fun, NOT. But at least this time I found some jobs to app for, really shite jobs but hey money is money and I can sell the moon on a stick if I can be bothered XD

Spent the rest of today sat on Photoshop colouring and swearing at my new art tablet. I think I have to tell myself not to do too many art projects all at once and to sit down and finish them one at a time and not be in such a rush. I always want everything in my head done yesterday X_X To date I have 2 Death Note pictures to finish, my space girl to colour and make look like a 50's Sci-fi poster, a roller disco girl I doodled to colour, a Supernatural Sam and Dean drawing to finish just because I felt like doing it and a Star Trek one I’ve yet to start. On top of all this I want to work on my portfolio and original character work while I have the time and it’s all making my head explodey.

But to share some I can show you a very rough character sketch for my childrens book idea. You know the lame one I keep changing about a dog from pluto, the one I can't seem to write but have loads of drawing ideas for, orz.
 Everyone knows that dogs are from Pluto. )

And a Mello drawing that won’t be finished because I hate it X_X
Carry on my wayward son... )
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And after my art funk I doodled some pics for fun. The first is terrible but I tried to draw Chris Pine from Star Trek within 20 mins with no rubbing out *meep* This was what I came up with, yeah I suck at realism but it was fun scribbling like hell and trying not to mess it up
Chris not so fine XD )
Good practice for the Star Trek Big Bang that starts on Sunday *ultra meep*

Next i just felt like designing a space costume so I came up with a 'I was Teenage Space girl' drawing complete with bad teenage posture LOL. Going to colour to make her look like an old 1950's B movie poster with spaceships and monsters XD
I'm just a teenage space girl, baby, like you... )
Also having a small problem with seeing a piece of art on DA. I drew this last Christmas yet when I look at my gallery I can’t see it at all, it’s gone vanished, poof! Can you guys see it? If no well I have no idea what I’ve done there O_O
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Should have posted this yesterday but my net crapped out on me again. But better late than never

He's sneaking a good old cup of joe into a busy schedule (lol's at fail Halle and Near)

Some blah a pic and more art blah )
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Oh cripes X_X

I have a appointment with a dermatologist next month and it’s about bloody time too because my Eczema has been killing me since last November and I hope to get it sorted once and for all. But I was told there would be students present and last time I went (I was 16 X_X) I had to strip to my undies ;_;

Think it’s time for underwear shopping spree me thinks LOL

And to gravatate away from that mind warping image I've done another image for Le fan book XD This time it's Gevanni in arse kicking mode. Ignore the wacky anatomy I was trying to be stylized X_X

*Pow pow* )
Canna forget the guy who photocopied wrote the Death Note in a night man ♥

Art post

Apr. 19th, 2009 05:11 pm
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Life is terrible dull right now so won’t bore you with the tedium of my life, so have some doodles I’ve done while out in the garden ^_^ Yes it’s sunny in England for once, you can now pass out.

Dreams of a faraway land )
This is a Narnia picture of Peter who cannot return as he’s too old reminiscing about Aslan, trying to work out the back ground as it’s going to be London, just need to decide what part of London, urban or rural. Based Peter on the actor William Moseley who plays him in the new films, not a great likeness but hey! ….>_>

Opps!! )
And been drawing my own male characters just because I felt like it and I got to draw some fun fashion outfits. Ben here is based upon my fave actor Ben Whishaw ♥ Who is terribly twitchy, shy, timid and so so sweet. Drew this when a bit tipsy (yum cider) so ignore the anatomy mistakes pweeze X_X

Also Amazon will you please stop whacking your DVD prices down right AFTER I’ve just purchase one, bloody hell, one went down by a fiver ;_;  And Persona 4 bosses are HARDDDD!!!

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Been a cool easter so far as saw Dr Who and man I'll miss Mr Tenant when he goes ;_; But he got his very own Lara Croft clone for a bit there. And I got 3 chocolate bunnies that I can't seem to make myself eat because they're so cute.

Wanted to share some new doodles I've done on my hiatus. It's no lie I have a huge crush on the boys of Brideshead Revisited (icon says it all ♥) so have another Charles and Sebastian doodle, I have such a love for period stories with gay subtext and those two 'friends' are heavenly me thinks. Though the story it's self is very sad, the beginning when they have such hijinks at college is fun, they're such booze hounds LOL

Do come on Charles old chap. )
I think my style is changing ;_; *bawwwww*

And I tried, emphasis on the word TRIED, to Draw the fab that is Ozymandias of Watchmen, it's shite but here you are http://seiko-assasin.deviantart.com/art/Ozymandias-and-Bubastis-118648491 -_-"

Still a bit sad but I'm not gonna say why, ner ner, honestly for once I'm trying to be grown up, though I feel so lost right now  XD
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Due to needing extra monies I’ve been thinking of starting commissions, do you guys reckon I would have a good chance of flogging my art? I know I’m not amazing and my art is a tad boring and I’m slow X_X But as fellow fandom fans and if you’ve bought commissions from others before I’d just like to pick your brains and see if you think it’s a good idea.

Erm and as I’m talking about art here’s some doodles I did on my hiatus.
Few crappy drawings )
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This is the sketch (under the cut) I'm going to enter for the Prince of Persia UK art comp. I decided to draw the female character because I suck at drawing muscular men ^^ Do you guys think it's okay? because I've gone for a more western look to go with the game and I know it will fail once I have to colour it. Oh it will have a back ground, I do them separately and have yet to work out what?????
Something a little different!  )

And Ciara I hope this puts a smile on your face. UK-san shaking his bum and keep watching for US and Canada at the end *snorts* I love, love, love Hetalia (still ♥ DN) it's my crack fandom.
Need bed...crawls off.

Art post

Sep. 19th, 2008 08:18 pm
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I'm sorry i've been really quiet lately (and moody *stabs*) but that's because I've been up to my elbows in photoshop finishing this...
Nihil drawing and Near doodles )
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I finished my space girl, yaaaaaaaaaayyyy! Sorry to Kath and Kyrie who wanted her smilling, I tried but realised her eyes looked too sad to pull it off so she has the weird pout mouth thing still. Ah I just like drawing silly faces on my characters ^_~


Jun. 26th, 2008 09:57 pm
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Well I needed to take my mind of things so I finished a silly drawing I've been doing. I got it in my head to do Alice in Wonderland characters as people, just for fun I suppose as original I'm not. So here is the white rabbit in 'our world' uniform. I'm doing all the Wonderland outfits as Loli fashions so have some research on good designs to play with before I draw them. But for now...

Oh and for those paying attention to the CanD event that was held in Japan for DN fans all I have to say is someone has more money than sense http://page4.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/d84165652 HOW MUCH!!!! Though wow you get some really cool stuff from such an event *envy*


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