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Well that is it, my poor computers coughed its last (Stealing mums laptop to post this) I turned it on yesterday for it to make some popping noises, then just not work at all. Been told my whole motherboard and processor have gone ;_; Poor Bodie (yes I named my computer :P), you’ve been with my 4 years, and lived thought my flogging you to death with Photoshop, I’ll miss you. Thank goodness I ordered a new one last week, just waiting on it to be built now ♥

I’m a bit depressed about everything going wrong though, so I’m going to post some art instead, and not bore you with my boring aggravating life, and to distract myself from moaning about my boring aggravating life XD

Who are they looking at? I have no ideas :D Obviously Erik let Charles read the map and they're utterly lost. (I swear I had a story in my head about this scenario somewhere, involving Charles joking about going back to ask the scary guy in the next town over who told them to fuck themselves for directions) 

Not like Erik minds, gives him a chance to distract Charles from sulking.(or obviously he's thinking back on the scary guy who said to fuck themselves, he thinks it's a smashing idea lol) 

I’m always so grouchy toward my own style lately. I’m that old lady in the corner shaking her cane at her own work lol Some days I want to be elegant and draw beautifully delicately inked lines, next I want to be all bouncy and cartoony, another day I want to concentrate on realism. One of these fine days I’ll make my bloody mind up what style I want to draw and stick to it, I know mine is comic book and going outside of that stiffens my work. STAY WITH IT WOMAN!!!! I’m torn between liking these (the colours anyhow) and thinking I was concentrating too much on getting them to look like their actors, there’s just something I can’t pinpoint that’s bothering me about them. I need to relax, go back to my usual comic style and not care so much about getting things right. I did try with the hugging one but still CHARLES IS AN EVIL BUGGER TO DRAW!!! *end art moan*

I started this sketch and just gave up. I like to call it Crapneato, because apparently I think i'm funny lol

Sorry, to those I owe emails and comments to, and more. I am trying to convince my mum to lend me her laptop more often until my computer arrives. Possibly be here by next week, but that's too long a wait. So, hopefully should be back to comment, reply and stick to the commitments I have, especially to Frida and Mel X_X  Best shoot off, i'll be online again as soon as I can.
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