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I’m trying to not do a woe is me I hate my art post (again) because i don't hate it, but recently I’ve been feeling I’m missing something in my art, maybe I need to be more adventurous with what I draw, poses and perspective. This will be my new plan of attack. In addition, I was told I do ‘same face’, which bothers me more than I care to admit. So, to try and kick myself out of this low art mood I finished colouring in some old Dragon age 2 and fantasy doodles I did when I was ill.

It worked, I feel happier XD

Preview: Because theres a lot of stuff and big pictures under this here cut. And ramble, oh christ do I ramble X_X

Default male Hawke from Dragons age 2. Sort of based him on his Destiny trailer form because he got very skinny in the game. He's a riot to play if you play him as Sarcasm!Hawke. Suggesting to head mages that he should dance naked in the moonlight, and telling Anders to make him a sandwich after sex lol It made a very depressing game much more fun. It was original based on this sketch below which goes to show I can't leave any doodle alone without mucking about

That's a rogue on the left NOT Altair LOL

Anders from DA2. Oh! this man breaks me ;_; I always found Anders, beneath all the wit and snark, a rather tragic character. Someone who is imprisoned without good reason, and feels he is missing out on his life because of it. He struggles against his lot in life, because his destiny is out there waiting for him to catch up. And, the longer he is held back the sadder and more bitter he becomes. THEN, you add his choice to help his friend Justice into that mix, a choice that twists the both of them, divine justice and kind-hearted Anders, into something heartbreaking, it kills me. He has the same pose as Hawke because I was trying to match them up, maybe not my most original plan, so boring a pose.

This was one of those drawings that started out with the best of intentions, yet completely changed direction due to me being an indecisive prat. Originally, it was Dragon Age/Inception (Arthur was meant to be behind Eames) But I decided it looked nothing like Eames, so changed tact to daw my custom Dragon Age 2 character (Who I tried to make look like a young Thard ♥) Then I figured sod it, and designed my own costume and changed him a bit more to make him an original character. All was well, sketch looked cool. I figured what the hell, I’ll paint this properly in PS, draw in a fully rendered dragon, back ground, detailed skin, costume, EVERYTHING. Then I went to PS and forgot what a piece of crap my computer is at handling that much digital painting. On the 10th crash, I cried, and admitted I’d just have to draw a shadow dragon with simple colours and background.


This is a design for an original character I hope to flesh out more. He was once soul bonded to a demonic horse as a child, to fight in a regiment of mage hunters. When the horses' die the riders do so too. Yet he survives this tear in the bond, so has to start trying to get back the life he had taken from him, even if he's being hunted down as a abomination. See that is why I never write, so bad lol Ever designed a tattoo and really wanted it for yourself? Damn X_X

Though a new [livejournal.com profile] inception_bang  starts up in August, and I’m all signed to draw for [livejournal.com profile] xmenbigbang  Love, love working with writers ♥
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