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Hi! Remember me? *waves*

I am so sorry I haven’t been around; I rather worried some people too for going missing. About a month ago, I had a pretty bad asthma attack, I was taken to the hospital because I could hardly breathe. My own fault for working with a lot of dust at old my job (finished that non pay thing now, thank god) So, been stuck at home on a nebuliser, tired, having a hard time doing anything because you need to breath to move, and horribly bored out of my skull. I’m okay now and the doc says it was just a one off reaction and to try and avoid allergens (laughed at that because that’s impossible, what am I NOT allergic too? LOL) but yeah I’m much better and missed everyone, god I feel so shy right now, it's been so long...

Thank god for TV, Film and my Xbox for keeping me sane in these boring times though ♥

OH GOD! Dragon Age 2 owns my heart right now, stomped all over it as well. Anders you, asfhdhshs……*explodes*  Will say my thinky thoughts on it in another post, I have LOTS of them regarding that game. It’s like Red Dead Redemption, in that you become so involved with the characters you can’t help but react when things don’t go so well.

DOCTOR WHO IS AWESOME, AS ALWAYS. Nuff said ;P Tis the show that has everything I adore. And, SUPERNATUAL season ender ASFAFSAFS ♥ I think a lot of shows just have me staring at the telly with a 'Oh christ when's the next season/episode coming up? OMFG I'm going to explode!!!' face 0-0

I’m also on a serious fantasy/comic fantasy/ historical fantasy kick at the moment. I finally found the time to sit down and watch The Eagle and I LOVED IT. Roman Britain is one of my favourite historical periods. My own home town was once Roman, and I remember when I was young helping an uncle find Roman coins in the fields. It was amazing to pick them up, and to imagine the Romans who used to live there so many centuries ago. Also, I don’t know, I just have such a serious adoration for this kind of movie, where opposites start with hate and slowly become friends (and men look broody and built ♥) Jamie Bell gets to be amazing and broody, plus Tatum portrays angst and hurt VERY WELL ♥
Also, saw Thor which was brilliant, rather like the first Iron Man it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Plus Loki was amazing, loved that they gave him depth, and didn’t make him such a cartoon villain. Bring on X-Men First Class tomorrow night XD So excited to see Xavier and Eric’s epic love affair, and EPIC falling out on screen lol I’m going to be picky I know it, as there’s nothing I don’t know about the X-men (huge X nerd) I’m already frowning over lack of Scottish and Irish accents for Moira and Sean D: I will behave and go in with clear eyes.

I'll stop flailing like a big geek now XD

I have been drawing while I was poorly, here’s a sneak peek of things to come.

Uh, did I say I was on a fantasy/Dragons Age kick? 

I promise I will get replying to messages that I got as soon as I can. Forgive me if I’m a bit slow. I’m still rather shattered. So off to bed right now, will catch up tomorrow and reply then ♥
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