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Oh, my god please let 3 weeks go by as fast as James Bonds cracks at the ladies. Work is so tiring as soon as I got home yesterday I did nothing but sleep ;_; I want to art but I feel so burnt out of late ;_;

Actually leaving my list of art to do here as I’m terribly forgetful, its things I said I would do, so if I missed anything just poke me.

1. Piece for one of [livejournal.com profile] celestialangel ’s stories
2. The dogs of Inception (may do a post at the weekend, as this is about all the dogs (and cats) that people have introduced in fic, JZ, Sonny,Sammy,Cigar Dogtag ect) felt like doing something fun with pets.
3. VERY belated birthday pic for [livejournal.com profile] five_ht  asfgsfagsds!!!!!!
4. Eames in the chauffeur hat from 'Juice Box' fic for Nancy
5. Vampire Arthur for [livejournal.com profile] ilovetakahana  
6. ABSOLUTELY SELF INDULGENT (for me as well) zombie/Death Proof/Deathrace 2000 A/E fighting on car picture for Nellie ♥

Will get round to all that once I stop feeling so knackered. May take a wee break after my R!BB though to recharge, i'm getting old you know *laughs* 

[livejournal.com profile] ruric  hun, I was wondering if you got my email? I’m just seeing how you’re doing with the fic, and if all is okay your end. Sorry I’m so behind on stuff, but I haven’t heard from you in an age so I really hope things aren’t too stressful for you ♥

I’m so, so scared for the R!BB posting. I’ve only done Nellie extra art because I didn’t get the other fics in time to draw for them, and I feel absolutely awful about that. I hope the guys forgive me, and I’ll be sure to draw art after as a massive thank you ♥

CRIT POST: Because all I am mentioning is art, I would like to open myself up to crit on that. Last time I had one only 2 people give me crit (and very useful it was too) so I’m just saying don’t be afraid, and if you think there’s anything I could improve on or need to keep my eye on just tell me. I know I do tend to get carried away with drawing too much fabric on my clothes, plus I’m the world’s most lazy painter XD
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