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1. I am not going to be around much in the next few weeks, as I have to do another 4-week volunteer job thing. I’m going to be so behind on the R!BB’s because of it, I’m officially the slowest reader EVER. I’m also the worst R!BB partner ever, I really need to get back in touch with everyone before I get bogged down in work.

2. But I wanted to thank everyone who left a comment on the JFC ILU meme in the last post. I wish I could say how much I flipping love you guys, but words would never be enough. You are the most awesome friends, and you make my sad days just shine, I’m happy to know you all ♥ I LOVE YOU FLIST ♥♥♥

3. I’m also going through a horrible art block again. SO WOULD LIKE TO ASK... NAY BEG FOR ART IDEAS. Anything you would like to see me draw, fics I could illustrate, ANYTHING!! I already have clowns and cowboys suggested to me, but still have this god-awful block, I get sad when I can’t draw or come up with cool images in my head. And, I do have a picture for [livejournal.com profile] celestineangel  to do too. HELP ME BEAT THIS ;_;

4. In addition, to bore you a little while more. I’ve been cleaning out my art folders, and thought I’d post some art I don’t think I’ll ever finish, but I actually liked the ideas behind them.

I know I said i'd finish him on Twitter, but there's just something off about his face, I DON'T KNOW. May play with the idea more though, I really want to draw Arthur and Eames side by side facing off against a mob with guns ♥ A bit of a 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' standoff, of course Eames would be smiling though XD So you may see this again. 

This was just about a Eames who had been forging Arthur for a case, and had lost himself so much in the lie he was seeing himself as Arthur. I love messing with Eames' head because you'd think the fact he can't forge in reality would be his totem. So the thought that something goes so horribly wrong for him is an interesting one, what could make him crack like that?  I didn't like the anatomy much so never finished it. One day I may play with the idea again.
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